Summary of the day Sunday

Wake up at 7:00, it was a little less tedious than Saturday. Same as yesterday, arrived on site at 8:30, entry 10:20, under a sun beating well.

First thing done when I arrived : Try to get the ticket for the dedication of Yoshiki (previous trials have ended in “LOST”). Already compared to 2 other days, the queue was consistent (20min d & rsquo; waiting). At the time of the draw, I had 2 billet (the mine and the one-of-a colleague), they told me that if I want to shoot for the second ticket, I have to redo the tail (the thing that annoys many). And good, as I thought, I've had “LOST” and saw the queue I abandoned (because in the meantime, it had almost doubled in size).

The thing that pissed me off too, is to hear the guy say “Yeah, if I have the dedication, ben I'd sell dear.”. It, it's the kind of guy I want to beat as well, if he wins, it deprives the fans and good amateurs of rare dedication and him he does not care full pocket. so gentlemen (and ladies, because I know there are some who do too), if you want dedication just to make you the dough on the backs of others, well I told you, you will f…. (especially when you hear that a guy has managed to sell his dedication € 500). Voila, I finished my other gueulante. Anyway, after a little ballad, I passed quickly before the entrance to the auditorium to see applicants to cosplay gropupe to take some pictures

(Sorry Jack Sparrow has to picture a little too dark)

then here are some JV weapon replicas and some origami (Lineage 2 et Evangelion)

Ensuite, I went to the conference on fusion Comics / Manga (at least the 2nd half). And right after, I went to the conference on the culture of manga viewed by manga artists. In fact, it was replaced at the last minute so a conference on the origin of manga. And despite the translator's efforts to translate what was said by the Japanese conference maître, I failed to understand one thing. Everything had mixed air (d & rsquo; elsewhere, My colleague also did not understand ^^).

Ensuite, Ben came the big moment Sunday : the conference Yoshiki. Already, you had to go outside to do the queue for access to the auditorium (it being emptied at the end of the cosplay group)

Then once the time came, well it was madness to find the best place. We'll say that for my part I found quite correct place. Here is 2 photo de Yoshiki (sorry for quality, I had to use the digital zoom, but I filmed the whole talk show)

Voila. Once finished talk show, I am eager to go to the 1st row to the concert Halcali. One thing to say, I too loved. Despite early or secu made us all sit (This seemed odd to have Halcali), he simply say that Yukari “stand-up” and there, everyone stood up (secu making still kept a safety zone between stage and audience), and Halcali has unleashed ^^. Then at the end of the concert, the public demanded a recall, what is happened on. Halcali therefore returned for a final song. And this time, more secu, everyone was on the edge of the stage. Here are some pictures of Halcali in action.

Finally the Japan Expo that ended with a last purchase then from the hotel. Adieu Japan Expo, see you next year (or may be a November Chibi-JE ^^)

To finish, here are the photos :