Summary of the day on Saturday

Saturday 07/07/07, Wake has put 07:07:07 (Yes, one makes a trip ^^). very rude awakening because we got up at 7:30 am. after shower, toilette, petit dej, back to the entrance I was approx 8:30. The weather is overcast with clouds (if I remember well). Entrance I to 10:20.

Bon, the first hours, I walk me down the aisles. And je me souviens instantly Nana Kitade was a dedication on the stand of Dybex. I then took the opportunity to make a turn there and take some pictures of Nana.

then steering the Conference of Tokyo finally listen to some, before going to prepare for the Harajuku fashion show Laforet. So towards the auditorium or concert Gari was still ongoing. A piece of friendly but good concert, it's not my thing. Then this is the beginning of the parade. The presented style it is simple to describe. It focuses Gothic, Gothic lolita, Sweet lolita. here are some photos :

Note : On 6èmeme Photo, it is Hakuei, singer Penicillin, a veteran group of the visual kei scene.

Note that in the middle of the parade, Nana Kitade made a small concert 20min or she was alone on stage (she sang on soundtrack, but not in playback still). She even took the opportunity to make a small passage in the parade

And after the parade, I live on the dark J-Music Store stand for my dedication and also my picture with girl.

The afternoon, I first went to see a part of the film Tokyo Street or director has just filmed the city of Tokyo in different neighborhoods, and this, without adding comments. It's kind video of, so ideal to get an idea of ​​the city of Tokyo. Then exit (or before the proj I know more ^^), I see a crowd just next. It was distributed free of Gundam. I managed to get one but some people do not hesitate to take 8 or 9 (band enc…. who think only them).

Then stroll again in the auditorium to see the Sushi Quiz. any time, given the length cosplay, it was the start later and be shortened. So I took the opportunity to see the end of Cosplay and film entirely sushi quiz (videos arrive later).

To finish, a small photo 2 cosplay : a great turtle and especially an impressive cosplay a German came for the occasion.

So much for Saturday. We ended the evening at the hotel with beer and pizza (cut with scissors !!)