Here is the summary of my day 6 July

Has risen 1:30 am, departure 3am after taking 2 work colleagues.

After road 5H (and a break or we thoroughly frozen – it is summer ?), Here we arrived at the hotel. the car is the station then direction I. As I expected a little, there were already some people waiting. After a few minutes, we are made to enter through different hall to separate the sales and presales. The queues are thus made on the inside (in case if the rain had been waiting for you, but that was not the case).

The first thing I did when I entered, it is to go after the signings Halcali tickets and Nana Kitade. I had to come back several times on the J-Music Store stand to have my tickets because they could not have in the early afternoon (so, I bought their CD also some). Besides, I thank the J-Music Store saleswoman : very simpatique (and cute ^^). Also has power to pass, she recognized me without that I need to say that I am ^^ (bon, it is on a nickname like cracrayol, This is not trivial).

Then strolled me sandstone walkways that I (which was even more filled than last year), I fell for a kimono.

Ensuite, after continuing my purchases (that mounts still has more than € 300 in the weekend), I do Vait see the projection of Kyo Kara Maoh!, anime that gave me a good impression for a first episode (More informations here (English))

I then go to the conference on the making of manga. Sadly, this is not what I thought. I think it was the creation of a Japanese manga ranging from design to printing through drawing. In fact, it was how we create the translation of manga in France and how they are printed (so not too interesting.)

Then I took the opportunity to see some Japanese women's wrestling, which here in pictures :

I then took the conference on Japanese cuisine along the way (good I saw that 10 last minute but it was enough to learn some tricks ^^).

Finally, the highlight of the day : The dedication of Halcali. Maralal, they are too mimi. Moreover, as there was a translator, we had the opportunity to say a little something (I did not hesitate to do, although I confess that I instantly knew what to say, which make them laugh ^^ They are so cute when they laugh… :’) ). Anyway, this was my moment of pure happiness of the day.

I even had the then OCCAZ, the interview with Nolife to get up close and Alex Pilot Suzuka (Quick, I want Nolife on 9box).