What Mungyodance (Version here 2) : it is simply a rhythm game / free dance based on the principle of Dance Dance Revolution (or DDR).

Good return to Mungyo, So it looks like DDR, except that it has some peculiarities : a vast majority of music have turned to such techno / hardcore / rave, and not have to be super accurate. It's either you release the note, it is not happening. This second point allows, from a certain point of view, to make it more accessible to beginners.

so Mungyo, it's over 400 music (as well as 2 Add-ons currently), This allows a very good longevity. Moreover, more one plays, more music available, some music being hidden (unless you used the small patch to unlock everything ^^). side interface, and ease of use : nothing to say. It is beautiful clean and unadorned (we can say thank you to http://www.stepmania.com/ for the game engine).

Musically, there is therefore, for example, You Scott Brown, DM Ashura, DJ Sharpnel,… and a few other artists outside the register of techno, as Stratovarius, Bond, Kamelot,… and finally some original compositions.

At the level of difficulty, it may well be music mainly “brutal” (for some people), this does not prevent a there is a beginner difficulty so that everyone can try at this game (Finally, if you have a play mat, otherwise the keyboard, there's not too much interest except in very high levels).

To finish, and show you what looks like a part of the game, here is a video of the music Stratofortress Stratovarius, made by me at the keyboard Insane (the hardest difficulty). Do not worry for the lowest difficulty, it's a lot, much easier beginner ^^ :

Although Mungyodance free, it is currently not maintained by its developer and is no longer available for download on the site of it. However, you can recover 3 versions Mungyodance + les add-ons + simfile via the Pirate Bay : http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/5215496/