Fruits Basket is a shoujo manga (manga girl) Designed by Natsuki Takaya, published in Japan by Hakusensha (and appeared in the magazine Hana to Yume) and published in France Akata-Delcourt. The manga consists of 23 Tomes (22 Volumes published in France, the last coming in November) and also has an artbook and a book character (without forgetting various derivatives and fan books).

Résumé: Tohru Honda is a high school student 16 who lives alone in a tent after the death of his mother. She set up her tent on the property of the Soma family. When a boy in her class, which also belongs to this family, accidentally discovers that she lives in a tent, it is collected by Soma. She begins to live among Yuki, Kyo and Shigure and learns the secret of the Soma family: they are victims of a curse. They turn into one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals of the opposite sex when a person embraces the (Source: Wikipedia – I know, je suis fainiant).

I started to read Furuba (Reducing the Japanese pronunciation FURUtsu BAsuketto) after seeing the anime (who is from the manga, but is based only on the beginning of it) that had me very much. and I can say that the manga does well see better than the anime. Like most shoujo, So we find there of comedy, sentimentalism, sadness,… but without the bored reading in history (23 tomes, it's still not anything ^^). So we amused, over the tomes, has to interresser increasingly has this cursed family, as well as to monitor Tohru therein.

It is quite difficult to describe this manga without revealed some points that can be significant. I can therefore only advise you to go buy (or, for example, read in a FNAC ^^) because it is a very good shoujo manga, both funny and moving.

Note: For those who are interrested, website SubaFuruba propose a sale a fan book crafted by various designers lovers, fan of the manga, during the Chibi Japan Expo, booked on their website. This sale follows to that achieved on their previous (and first) Fanbook, made at the Japan Expo 2007 (almost all 650 have been sold – I am a buyer ^^).