Here is my small selection of free software and as efficient as some paid software.

  • Office suite : (site web – Open Source)

Originally OOo (Office open acronym) was developed by Sun Star Office. It then decided to give NA a open source and this has given community. OOo is the free office suite is the most complete, and can even substitute for paid software if you do not research using very advanced features.

  • Drawing / Editing : Gimp (site web – Open Source)

Linux World Coming, GIMP is a bitmap creation software and high-performance editing (even if it does not compete yet with photoshop).

  • Vector drawing : InkScape (site web – Open Source)

InkScape is a vector drawing software (based on the vector plot, has opposite the bitmap that it is based on pixels) simillaire a Illustrator.

  • Audio Editor : Audacity (site web – Open Source)

simple and efficient audio editing software.

I think it is not necessary to present Winamp is one, if not the most used player.

  • Video player : Media Player Classic (downloading – Open Source) et VLC (site web – Open Source)

Here is 2 video playback software (and audio). The first shows the simple interface of Windows Media Player 6.4 while adding many features are. The second has the advantage of not needing any additional codec to play videos. Everything comes with it.

  • Navigator : Firefox (site web – Open Source)

Firefox : the most used browser after Internet Explorer

  • messaging : Thunderbird (site web – Open Source)

Firefox : the most used email client after Outlook / Outlook Express / Windows Mail

This is a free compression software as complete. It manages many decompression format, and a compression ten (ZIP, 7ZIP, CAB, GZIP, BZIP2, …)

  • Download Manager : Free Download Manager (site web – Open Source)

Here is a download manager that, like most, Stops and resume downloads, download them in several parts simultaneously (can then accelerate the speed), but it also allows for the preview videos, supports BitTorrent, …

  • Antivirus : Antivir Personal (site web)

Antivir Personal is the lite edition and free (non-commercial framework) de l'antivirus Antivir. Although in terms of functionality, il est moins fourni que la version Premium, celle-ci est tout de même très éfficace et contient tout le nécéssaire pour protéger un PC des attaques de virus et autres cheval de troie.

  • Conversion Vidéo : VirtualDub (site web – Open Source)

Petit logiciel très pratique lorsqu’il s’agit de faire de la conversion vidéo dans divers formats.