Here is a short review of the Chibi Japan Expo (few pictures)

Departure 3h / 3:30 Saturday with my colleague (and yes, I was working on Friday – so that I missed the Dedi Nerdz 🙁 ). ECJ arrived at about 9:30 am after going to the hotel to ask the car business. The first thing that is noticed, is that, I compared to, there is a LOT less people has the queue. Suddenly, opening a 10:05 / 10:10, back to 10:20.

Once inside the lobby 4 of the park, we end up facing a slew commercial stand side chibi, and more exhibition stands next Kultima (both convention being in the same room, chibi occupied one side, Kultima another (for my part I will speak only chibi).

So what else to say that the fact is more like chibi actually has a “trivial” convention in the sense that we hardly think of trade stands and little activity booths (which is summarized in a large JV assos – as Orgames – and activities provided by the asso Tengumi).

Anyway, Once entry (and after little reflection) I put myself in the queue to get an autograph M. Okamura Tensai (which occurred at the same time as that of Suda Masami). And amazing thing : There was no crowd, so, I have a problem without my dédicasse (but a little disappointed anyway, as do a dedi with a corrector pen, it's not great, but OK…). After some shopping, towards the little cosplay organized 13 individual and 8 group. My opinion : not terrible (I'll post the video as soon as possible).

After cosplay, it is left for shopping and that's where I fell for my first figurine : une Mizuho Sensei de Onegai Teacher (look at the pictures below ^^). I has finally ended the day sitting (I was too sore foot and knee strength to remain standing) watching the projection of 2 first episodes of Darker Than Black (the last amine produced by Okamura), then the session of Questions / Answers Okamura public and Suda (with, bonus, a drawing done live by Suda showing the final fight between Ken and Rao). After that, Hotel management and dodo.

The next day, ben not much actually. After a few new purchases (and a second figurine ^^) and watching the first episode of “Requiem from the Darkness” (rather special horror series in style), and after consultation with my colleague, we decided to leave because we could not find too many things to do. Result : entry on Sunday in the ECJ 10:30, has distributed 12:45.

Voila, that's all for this Chibi Japan Expo. Au final, it is more or less (as stated on most forums) a simple Christmas market and little Chibi out what other conventions.

To finish, Here are a few photos taken ECJ, and my figurines and my dedication. Videos cosplaying and the entire conference Suda / Okamura coming shortly.