Small ticket on this artist.

I received this week 2 JPop new CD / JRock. It is :

  • “Kiss”, latest album L'ArcSky, which, I think, is not necessary to present, this existing group for many years and some titles were used in some drives (Full Metal Alchemist as e.g.). Btw I replaced their title “Ready, Steady, Go!!” by “SEVENTH HEAVEN” in the playlist (This title is one of their latest single)
  • “Ai To Taiyo” Kana Uemura I discovered through the OTO a TV show Nolife (Caro thank you).

And this is the last in question in this small article.

Kana Uemura was born 4 January 1983 a Kawanishi, in Hyogo Prefecture. After a title output independent (“hana na” the 30 June 2004, chez Bellwood Records), she joined King Records record label and released in May 2005 his real first single : “Taisetsu na hito”. She also writes his own music and plays mainly acoustic guitar (Source : Wikipedia JP)

The musical style of Kana reminds me a lot was that of Hitomi Yaida : the very nice and catchy pop-rock. His latest album is very good, I sometimes Regrete, of soivoir not read jap to learn the lyrics ^^. His voice fits perfectly to this style of music and is very pleasant to listen (or even resting).

To get a better idea of ​​his music (and as I always struggle to explain why I like ^^), I put her latest single in the Playlist : “Anata no sono egao ha ii hinto ni naru” (I've added the words in this post).

Voila. And to finish, a small photo :

Kana Uemura