For those who would not know what Stepmania Online (or SMOnline or SMO), it is a modification of the game Stepmania (free alternative to DDR) which allows to play online against other players. The official website is here :

I have for a while maintained a French server StepMania Online, and today I decided (agreement with the graphic designer who makes images) provide download what I had done.

Basically, This interface allows :

  • Account creation SMO
  • Consultation overall
  • Consultation global player statistics
  • Consultation detailed statistics by music
  • 2,3 Other tricks…

Voila. The archive I give allows you to either just take the site as it was, either to do your helping you with some classes and PHP files. It also included a small text file containing some important information and a server configuration file example (saw that there was no documentation on configuring a server GOS).

You can download it here : smo_website.rar (Note : This interface concerns the version 1 SMO server. A version 2 SMO server is under development)