nolife offers, in its programs, a program (it's repetition but I love – (C) UCEM ^^) calling “Game Life”, who passed, inter alia, of Game Clip (edit videos taken from a video game, all on the background music of the game). The GC can be created by various people looking at the chain and can offer them to it.

I proposed a GC on Geometry Wars Galaxies Wii and it has been accepted and is broadcast right now :

Geometry Wars Galaxies

About a month ago, I sent a GC and I still do not see it on the air. I understood why yesterday.

Yesterday Sunday was released the first issue of OTO-play (OTO = its Japanese – Furthermore, find the word game ^^) which is a program devoted to music videos and games, the subject of this issue was kept secret until the end (nearly).

And at the end of it, dr.lakav this new GC, created by spectators, which will be broadcast on the channel. Et is, oh joy….

Nolife – OTO Play – 18/05/2008

Voila !! So if you do see the entire clip, ben there remains only you look “Game Life” on Nolife ^^