Summary of the first / second day of my trip to Japan

Here is a summary of my trip to Japan day, or month I will try)

Already, all starts the day before with hours of preparation ^^ finally sleep a 0:30

Then standing 4h then go to the station Clermont-Ferrand is from 5:30 to paris. Arrive a paris a 9h, I hurry to go to opera case to proceed to exchange my euros yen. When done, management CDG. Arrives at 10:45 at the airport, to board a 1:30 p.m. (15 min late) in a Boeing 777. Thing that strikes me on takeoff, I never thought that a plane was so much noise in the interior of it. During the flight, I could see “the bandage club” (a jap not too bad movie), Iron Man and many of Kung Fu Panda.

Arrive a Tokyo-Narita, a 8h, the next day. first shock, the air is extremely heavy and rapidly sweat despite the fact that it is 25 degrees on arrival.

Arrive at the hotel 1 hour later. 11H15, towards the Japanese subway to discover its operation (and there's not to say, the Japs are better organized has paris, but their network is far more complex).

12h30, small meal in a small restaurant, history to complete a little belly and especially to be cool ^^. Once the meal was over, return to the hotel for a shower, make more light clothes and organize luggage.

14h30, departure for Shinjuku. Arrives in Shinjuku, we head towards the Tokyo city hall to get into one of 2 tours of the Town Hall and enjoy the view of Tokyo (which was a bit hazy). Then, once descended, management Shibuya where we leave then we do if we wanted.

On a donc, with a few other people the trip, Walking through the neighborhood to finally enter a Mandarake (while Shibuya is a fashion district ^^). Once out of Mandarake, direction Asakusa (Where is the hotel) to eat. We ate in a small restaurant on the street (more expensive than noon) and once finished, return to the hotel to sleep (more typing this post ^^)


(I'm short because access to the net pays – although not expensive at all)