fifth day of the summary of my trip to Japan

Wake up at 7 am. Preparation for departure to Kawagoe. 8h it starts from to the metro station of the Ginza line (the appointment was given to the Ikebukuro station) when meeting Yuusuke, our “accompanist” which ultimately tells us that the appointment (for those who are at the hotel in Asakusa) ^^ is before the hotel to give us subway tickets (which prevents us from paying the coup ^^).

9h10, from Ikebukuro Station to Kawagoe, 30 minute ride around. 9h42min12s (Finally, about ^^) arrived at the station in Kawagoe. then waits five minutes for the bus arrives to Take affected us instead begin or visit.

10h10, start of the tour. I will not detail all that was done, but here is the list of the places we saw : – 1 Jardin Shinto – 1 Temple Shinto – 1 House dating from the XVII trader – The museum of the feast of Kawagoe

12H50 : Ends Visit. It goes to a Japanese restaurant to have a traditional Japanese meal (despite the fact that I could not be any room upstairs, or we could eat squatting).

14h : end of the meal. rapid transition after the meal in a small area containing many small confectionery shops (Hand it looked). At the end of this little detour, towards the bus stop to get to the JR station to return to Tokyo. Once at the station, the time the bus to fetch the rest of the group (the bus was small), I fell for some CD destocks :

  • A box Berryz Koubou (but I can not tell you the title ^^) Flip flops and containing an inflatable balloon ^^
  • The maxi-single “Camellia” d’Hitomi Shimatani
  • Un Single de DJ Ozma (with the resumption of One Night Carnival Kishidan, although Ozma / Kishidan are “the same person” – if I'm not mistaken ^^)
  • A compilation of Japanese trance

16h10 : Back to Ikebukuro and Shinjuku towards where we decided with some people travel to visit a “Museum” dedicated to earthquakes, but arrived after closure. So back to the station (with a shower passing ^^). After walking in Shinjuku to find a restaurant (we could see, during that time, the hosts, that could be called call-boy sort), we stop to drink a beer in a restaurant / bar specializing in Japanese food Italian. After this stop,we leave in search of a restaurant and it finally lands in a Japanese grill (tables incorporate a hot plate and being cooked or even what is chosen). I took the opportunity to drop the sake, and thinking I was going to have a drink, I had a bottle of 300ml ^^ (je n'ai bu that 2 glasses, then I took the bottle for later ^^).

21h45 : End of the meal, we decide to go to the Golden Gay, a small area including a lot of small bar or we enter a large maximum 7/8 people. It is in this area that we saw the Bar Plastic Model, bar I saw on Nolife. After sustained pressure from me ^^, we finally returned in. Well I can say that the boss is very warm, friendly and we had a nice time, in this little bar, listen to generic anime and Japanese music years 80/90. If I can go back, I would not hesitate ^^

23H15 : leaving the bar in order not to miss the last metro. Has arrived Shinjuku station to take the Chuo Line (toward Akihabara), on attend 10 minutes before finally taking the Yamanote Line (to get to Ueno). Finally, we discover in the subway that the delay of the Chuo line was an accident and that traffic was stopped.

00h20 : arrived at the station Ueno, it goes to the Ginza Line station to get to Asakusa (or is the hotel) but we had hope when can the fact that there still have the open subway (the subway in Tokyo closes early, even if it is a busy city at night). And finally we come 5min before the last train of the evening. So we avoided walking back ^^ (even if there were only 15 / 20min walk)

00H40 : arrived at the hotel and post ^^ Tomorrow's entry, free day and so fat mat ^^