Here is the summary of my seventh day in Japan

Wake at 7am today (but standing at 7:30 am ^^) under sunny skies (compared them days or evenings ended in the rain) because we start visiting some Shinto and Buddhist temples in Nikko, small town located in 2 hours by train from Tokyo / Asakusa. After breakfast and washing my; Tobu Asakusa-management of the station to take the train. Arrived on site at 8:30, the guide told us that the train by at 9:30 and thus leaves us a little time to do something. For my part, I return to the hotel to get my cap and my sunglasses.

Back at the station at 9:15, we boarded the train and one by, as expected, at 9:30 am. I enjoy the journey to sleep (finally doze) because I fell asleep around 4am ^^. We arrive at Nikko 11:20 ET we take the bus to visit the exact spot where the temples. Before starting the tour, the guide gives us 40min to take lunch. We decided with a few people to try a little restaurant jap (logic ^^). For my part, I took a soba noodle bowl with chicken pieces and I can say it was not bad at all.

12h45 : We join the guide and start the visit. This involves two Shinto temples and a Buddhist temple finally seen by a bridge built in honor of the monk who built the first temples of the area. Compared to other visits before, it was not “speed” and the guide took the time to explain the history of places visited.

About 16 o'clock, end of the visit and move to a shop to buy a few things before returning to the station to catch the train at 16:20 and arrive in Tokyo / Asakusa at 18h.

Back in Asakusa, small rapid transition to the hotel to drop some stuff and then come away with 2 guy to Akihabara. After passing through various computer stores and some shops figurines / Manga, we decide, to 8:40 p.m., eating at a sushi-ya (or a name like that). These are small restaurants where one sits in front of a small treadmill or pass various suchis has various prices, the cup sushi (finally 2 sushi or maki) to know the price, and which is used directly on the carpet. It allowed me to taste various sushi. But cons I could not tell what was, everything was in Japanese and the employees did not speak English. But OK, the main thing is that I ate well, and cheap (1200 approx yen. is 7 euros 10 sushi and 2 Makis) ^^

21H15, we finish eating and return to the streets, a guy wants to see a shop that showed the windows, divers costumes genre mangas/maids/… It turned out in fact that it was a sex shop 6 floors ^^ (d & rsquo; elsewhere, in Japan, Stores are not ashamed to exhibit in the street porn pictures barely censored). After this little surprise, we decided to return to Asakusa. Once back in Asakusa, we spent some time in a corner of the amusement arcade before returning to the hotel 10:50 p.m..

Ensuite, ben I typed this post and I think the evening stops the ^^.