Summarizes my ninth day in Japan

Today & rsquo; hui, standing at 10am, as expected yesterday ^^.

not busy morning, I just took my little dèj, again a machine (good I confirm that these machines are not super) and watched weightlifting while the machine ended. I then spoke with the guys from the room to see what was going.

Suddenly, 14h, towards the metro station of the Ginza line to get to Ueno (and more specifically in Ueno Park) to visit the Tokyo zoo. It was a moment that I had not been to a zoo (basically a good ten years at least). Suddenly, we saw among other lions, tigers, Polar / Japanese bear, herons, … zoo animals. However, the giant panda (qui été l’attraction principale du zoo) n’y été plus car il est décédé cette année.

On est sorti du zoo vers 16h et on s’est ensuite dirigé vers Shibuya afin d’aller voir les magasins de CD. Après s’être trompé de direction, on s’est dirigé vers leTower Records”, un magasins de CD/DVD sur 7 floors. Bon, je n’ai acheté qu’un CD (Genki Rockets pour être précis) mais y’a des chances pour que j’y retourne ^^. On a aussi regardé d’autres magasins de CD avec entre temps un petit arrêt à un Starbuck afin de boire un cappuccino glacé (et c’est pas mauvais).

And then, we decided to go in search of Mandarake that had been found on Saturday. And well, it is well hidden because impossible to find ^^ So suddenly we test a small Italian restaurant Made in Japan, with a beer and a pizza 3 cheese. Ben, pizza did not last long so I was hungry (and also because of the cheese in Japan, there are none of the masses ^^)

After the restaurant, Back at the hotel around 20:30 to type this post and go to bed early because tomorrow, up early to go visit Mount Takao, temple located on the foothills of Mount Fuji in Tokyo approx 1hr.