Summarizes my tenth day in Japan

Today awakening at 7am for the visit of Mount Takao. Debout 7:20. The lunch time and wash, I leave the hotel at 8am and arrive instead of appointment (lq has output JR station Shinjuku) at 8:35 am (5min late ^^).

So we take the JR line from Mount Takao (1h path) to reach the bottom at 10am. Then follows a chairlift that saves us a very big part of the climb to Mt. (which is located 1800m think After passing in front of the temples, then a small climb (which transpire well ^^), one arrives at the top. Sadly, strong enough haze obscures Mount Fuji (from what was said by the guide, one can see that in winter).

Back then our steps to stop eating in a small restaurant located on the slopes of Mt.. The dish that was served was a bowl of Japanese noodles with vegetables and a kind of tentacle squid tasted. (if we forget the shape enough… special, it was not bad).

After this small meal, return on Tokyo ca. 16h. I also want to redo a small tour in Harajuku to see the groups and especially cosplays (the last weekend, cosplayers were mostly at the Wonder Festival). I managed to photograph some people dressed lolita style or visual, but ultimately not many people.

Ensuite, direction, with 2 Other travel guy, Tokyo Bay to see fireworks during 1:20 ET that started in 19h. Although we looked at the fireworks 1h fire, ben, we can see that the means are ^^ Everything was very well organized and it was an opportunity to see how a summer “popular gathering” in Japan (as during the cherry blossom).

After 1 hour of fireworks, we decided to return to the hotel (and especially for me, to change me / wash). Apparently I have not take the fastest line because I put 50min to go (but I had to make a change metro, all for 230Y, which would have been higher if I had done underground -> JR -> Metro

Back at the hotel, I took a shower, changed clothes and typed this post ^^ The evening stops tonight.