Summary of the eleventh day of my trip to Japan (more than 5 days)

Standing 12:15 to get to 13h to Shimbashi station to do, today, visit the island of Odaiba, with (I believe artificial) conprenant many buildings, attrations and various centers.

I arrived at the station with the guys in my room 1:05 p.m., and unfortunately for one of us who had come, he got lost en route and suddenly could not make the visit (I must say that it was quite a hurry and that is not watching if everyone followed).

We started by visiting the National Museum of Emerging Science (space conquest, nanomachines, artificial intelligence, …). They arrived just when there was the demonstration of the humanoid robot manufactured by Toyota (I more I remember the name) which is a robot whose main feature is its knowledge run. It was then for 50min visited the museum before leaving the web @ meg is showcase Toyota showed the latest Toyota cars and some racing models and Lexus, and to VenusFort is a boutique gallery focuses primarily mode for girls (but there is also the clothes for men magains, a pet centre, game room, …) and also contains a small museum that showed Toyota of old vintage car models (and not that of Toyota).

One hour later (a 17h45), towards the Fuji TV building to access the observatory of it (the building is recognizable thanks to its observatory in the form of solid titanium ball). It was a little rush because today was the start of a week's holiday in Japan (about a Japanese two do not work this week) and an event (but we do not know what exactly) was held at the same location. So we managed to get the tickets just before closing.

finally, after passing Fuji TV, direction le Sega Joypolis. After the entry pass, we are moving with some guys and the coach to a fastfood jap (equivalent to macdo, except that instead of serving burgers, These are bowls of rice with meat). After the fastfood, we enter the Joypolis and surprise. I was thinking (as beacoup of us) it was an arcade, but ultimately it is actually an indoor amusement park with video game elements for some stuff. So suddenly we had a shot Initial D Internship 4 in a car full size on air, something that was actually a kind a little trick divining, a 3D cinema, a simulation of Prison Break (very funny ^^), a pretty damn good simulator and (old) gliding simulator 1996 (that Michael Jackson had played in the time of its release ^^)

22h30, Joypolis is exited to return to Asakusa (and apparently we were the last group from the park). 22H50, management McDonalds to fill a little stomach (I tested the Mac Maxi, which is a Big Mac but 4 steak instead of 2 ^^) then stroll to the arcade to pass frustration ^^

Back at the hotel around 0:15 ca.. End of the evening.