Summary of the twelfth day of my trip to Japan

Today & rsquo; hui, free day and so up late : 13h30. The time to wash and dress, I leave the hotel at 14h to go to the Tokyo Dome to see the Tokyo Dome City and especially to test the “Thunder Dolphin” just a roller coaster next to the Tokyo Dome. After testing, well I just say it's a very nice thing that shakes well. Just see that the first descent is almost the vertical (making it very strange when we begin the descent ^^)

After this trip to the Tokyo Dome, I makes me Akihabara to 3:20 p.m. to go to Tower Records neighborhood and see if I finally found what I was looking (and use the same time I had reductions – 2000Y for buying, 200Y discount – basically 10% less). Racing results, after 40min within, I came away with 8800Y purchase, is 4 CD :

  • MegaTrance Vol.09 (+promotional CD)
  • “Super Departure” de i-dep
  • “Life is Music” of Laughlife
  • “Cutie MANIA” Well the box

After this purchase, towards Tokyo Station around 16:30 to see (finally… see) the imperial palace of the Emperor of Japan (that even if he is Emperor, it has little or no authority. It is rather figure “symbol”. The power mostly from the 1st Minister). After the tour of the park and taking some pictures, I makes me to the hotel to rest a little (I'm not sitting since leaving the hotel ^^).

Arrived at the hotel to 5:45 p.m.. I also want to unwrap the CDs and to rest a little feet, before, finally, start to Akihabara to buy this time figurines. I stopped at Kotobukiya to shopping. Bottom line this time :

  • 2 mini figurines Lucky Star (500each Y)
  • 2 mini figurines Haruhi Suzumiya (500each Y)
  • 1 petite figurine Onegai Teacher/Twins (800And env.)
  • 1 small figurine of a thing that I do not know (800And env)
  • 1 figurine of a thing that I know not ^^ (6000And env)

Something has to know, is that apart from the figure has 6000Y, other figures were in completely closed boxes. Suddenly, even if we know the series belongs figurine, we do not really know on what figure we fall (much like the gatchapons ^^)

After this new purchase, back again to the hotel to eat a bento and finish the evening.

If not, Here are some new remarks ^^ :

  • In Japan, when buying something (other than food), in general, it puts us what we bought in a bag (even the normal) after that, sellers closes the opening of the bag with tape (usually printed the name of the shop). I guess it's to prevent other people to see the contents of the bag.
  • In the same genre, some Japanese that read on the subway put a jacket over that of the book so that other metro users do not know what they read.
  • Compared to France, the taken connected manga is ridiculously low, to 600Y I think on average (a little more 3 euros) or between 2 and 3 times less than in France.