Summary of the thirteenth and fourteenth day of my trip (more than 2 whole days in Japan 🙁 )

Here : free day and thus has standing 12:30.

After I washed and chatted with the guys in the room, I went out to 1:15 p.m. in Asakusa (and more precisely to the temple located next to the hotel) to purchase some souvenirs for family (but I would not say anything to not ruin the surprise if he read me ^^).

Return to the hotel at 14:15, cool because it was a fairly high heat (enough to start sweating after a few minutes ^^).

15h30 : Akihabara leadership to find a small gift for a friend who ask me to bring him something that found only in japan, and I think I found the right thing (but I will not say anything either ^^)

Return to the hotel at 17:15. I start to organize the bag to fit everything (And considering the money I have left and the weight of the bag, I'll maybe buy a small bag to take a few more tricks ^^ (considering the prices of some stuff, as well enjoy)

19h : Small turn out to stretch before going to buy a bento at Lawson next to the hotel. After eating and being mounted in the chamber, a big blow bar falls on me and I lie almost directly (hence the fact that there was no post yesterday)

Today & rsquo; hui, up at 7am to visit Kamakura and make an onsen (hot spring). 8h, starting outside the hotel, we take the Ginza line to get to Shimbashi to take the train to JR Kamakura. Arrived around 10:15 in Kamakura, we start visiting temples around (in order : Engaku-ji, Kenchō-ji, Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū and finally the Daibutsu temple Kōtoku-in).

14h30 : After visiting the temples, Taking the train to again to go to the onsen was lying a few kilometers Kamakura. For those who do not know what an onsen, it is a public bath on hot springs. The thing is that before going into the source, must first wash because the onsen is made to relax and not to wash. Moreover, onsen is caught naked (or we just limit put a towel around his waist if it is modest but given the size of the towels provided, if we were not on either – which was my case – ben, we did not and we just used it to dry ^^)

After Onsen finished for me (because good, must not stay in the water too when it is 45/50 °), I go to the onsen the restaurant to eat a little trick (which was a bowl of soba pasta with vegetables and chicken pieces, all with a warm glass of green tea). Besides, I thank my PocketPC, which helped a little by the fact that the staff spoke almost no English ^^

16h30 : Return to the station to take the train back. Arrived at the hotel at 18:00.

19h10 : petit tour a Akihabara (you notice that I go much ^^) for a tour of some shop and ultimately walk away with a new CD :

  • “Family Music” de YMCK
  • The last single from Chihiro Onitsuka
  • The compilation “Super Best Trance 09”
  • Le Mini-album “Sweet” of Unscandal
  • Le dernier single de Laughlife
  • A remix CD Kiniyuki Takahashi titles (with a free promo CD included)

22h30 : Back to Asakusa to find a restaurant with 2 other guys. Result : we got a McDonald ^^

23h20 : Return to the hotel to enter the post and continue to prepare the suitcases

Tomorrow, I'll try to go to the event that all manga fans dream of (Finally, I think much ^^) : the “Comiket” (Comics Market), the world's largest event focused manga (if I remember well, in 2006, il y a eu 440 000 visitors).