Summary of the fifteenth and sixteenth day of my trip (my 2 days before departure)

Here : Free day thus waking at 11:30. I wash, dressed, …and departure at 12:30 for Comiket.

Arriving at Tokyo Big Sight at 13:20. First thing one notices : There is a monster crowd (and when I say monster, JE is next to nothing ^^). I am the crowd to find the entrance and I finally arrived in dansl'un 2 halls du Comiket (there will not lobby the picture because like most buildings, it is forbidden to take. The size of the hall (finally 3 Halls combined in) is quite impressive (the equivalent of the main hall of the JE – except that Comiket extends 2 Halls of this size). At what one sees, ben, ca corresponds to what we see in manga : alignment of single stalls (no ads posted everywhere) with front doujins. However, I do not know if it was a special Comiket but there were lots of women (cool ^^) because there were a lot of Doujins Yaoi (manga focused on male homosexuality – a popular genre of Japanese – and AC is less cool ^^). Unfortunately I have not found the cosplay corner so I have no pictures of cosplay (but I got pictures of guys in the trips that we took – about 530 photos, available here :…).

14h30 : output of Comiket. Always so many people and I had to wait 30 / 40min before entering the “Metro” (it was rather an overhead train line). I arrived at the hotel around 16h in swimming (at least, I sweated well).

17h45 : With room for colleagues, passes to baggage preparation step and weighed them to see how we could still take and how to organize luggage. For my part, I was about 10kg to 12kg max (on either) and 13kg for a 20kg max (hold). Suddenly, management Akihabara to do some shopping : 2 and figurines 2 mini figurines purchased Kotobukiya.

20H15 : Return to the hotel to finish the evening with a small bento took a 9:35 p.m. to eat a little.

So much for yesterday.

Today is mainly a summary “Spend the money I have left ^^”

Free day thus waking at 12:30. As d & rsquo; habit, lavage, preparation, … then go, to 1:40 p.m., the Asakusa temple to still buy some souvenirs for family and me.

A 14h20, I got a pretty heavy downpour that blocked me in the temple aisle market until 15:00 approx. (and seen the rain, even those who had umbrellas did not go ^^).

Back at the hotel, I organize luggage to take into account the memories purchased, 16h and a new management (and last) time to Akihabara to empty the money I have left. Racing results : 2 figurines BM IIDX, 10 gatchapons and DS lite red / black (when we see that it costs 100 nine euros, while in France it is 150 euros, ben one is forced to crack ^^).

Return to the hotel at 18:00 in order to definitively make the suitcases and weighing them. Personally I am a 10kg on me (for 12 maxi) and 16kg in the hold (for 20 maxi) So normally it should not be any worries (I hope !!!). Then small meals purchased at Family Mart and I used my 300 last yen to pay for Internet access in order to type this post and Recycling pictures of cosplays.

Finally I confirm what I was told some time ago : When you return from Japan, you too will want to return. Well, yeah, if I can, I think I would go back again (but not to that Tokyo but to see other cities / landscapes)

Voili voilou, This is the last real post about my trip to Japan. The next post will be typed on my return 🙁

A big summer shower
A big summer shower