Summary of the last day of my trip

Laying 3am, standing at 6 ^^ (Must enjoy some of the last hours ^^)

Preparation of luggage, rapid transition to the bathroom (I took a shower last night) then towards the entrance of the hotel before taking the bus to the Tokyo-Narita Airport.

During the ride the bus I take advantage louse do 2/3 recent photos taken in Japan. Arriving at the airport around 8:45 approx., you check baggage (17,1kg. Whew… the balance of the hotel almost just said ^^), passage through the metal detector, before the Japanese customs then towards the departure lounge waiting for the arrival of the aircraft. Boarding around 9:30 for a takeoff at 10:30.

and, it comes me the most blazed : takeoff. This is the limit if I had tears in his eyes (non, do not laugh…. ^^). Otherwise, the trip went well. I took the opportunity to watch the end of Kung Fu Panda I had not seen on the way, to see the second Narnia film and see the beginning of Lilo and Stitch (I had seen it a few times). I also have a little sleep (or doze).

16h : Landing in Paris, small feeling of nostalgia for Japan. We descend from the plane, we made some formalities and then wait 30 / 40min before retrieve baggage (then it was immediate in Japan. Welcome in France…..)

17H15 : I take the RER towards Paris Gare north, then take metro line 5 to Bastille, then line 1 to Gare de Lyon (because of work, as to the driveway). And it is immediately returned to the bath : we take the escalators anyhow and an elderly person remarked to me (as if the disturbed) on the subway I took a little room (not without messing !!! with a suitcase full, a small gym bag full, a full backpack and my purse full, you want me to do how… Maralal, already some time back in France and I regret the hospitality of the Japanese : Welcome in France…..).

18h30 : arrived at the Gare de Lyon, I have 1 hour to wait before departure. I boarded the train at 19.15 and this share as planned at 19:35 (and 20s to be precise ^^). After 3:30 train (and some sleep in it), I arrive at the station of Clermont or again, I am entitled to something I've never seen in Japan : somebody (apparently stuffed or more than ca) just ask for money to feed (or I do not know what I was so hard to understand) his dog (which is apparently a dog abandoned if I understand). In an excess of kindness, I give him a little and he begins to wonder also money for him. Suddenly, small replica explain that I come to Tokyo, I'm exhausted, I almost slept (patati, potato…) and he bar (whew… Anyway, I did my BA of the day ^^). All that to say : Welcome in France……

I arrive home around 11:40 p.m. (the guy who had to bring me back was a little late and the go get something to someone before you bring me). I unpack a few things, I ride my gatchapons (and I notice that I have a double ^^) then sleep to get up the next 14h (today actually ^^) and storage and message entry on my blog.

Here it is (unfortunately 🙁 ) the end of my trip. Hoping to return soon 🙁