Small summary of the various CDs bought in Japan

As I bought a lot of CDs, I'll do it in parts. Today & rsquo; hui, we'll see 4 CD

I'll start with my little heart stroke : The group Cutie Pai. One could call this group group for Otaku (Just see the clips to understand ^^). It is 3 Girls who play Pop / Rock watered enough, dressed in very… special (kind clothes retro 70's style, afro for a, Cat ear to another and glasses secretary for the 3rd). The voice style is what one could call Kawaï. That is very high in acute ^^ (but here, ca goes great).

I put on the player deezer 4 music after their last album “Cutie MANIA” :

Then we move on Genki Rockets. This is a virtual group (as Gorillaz). The group's characteristic is to be produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the boss of Q Entertainment and games such as Lumines creator, Ground or Space Channel 5. Besides, Heavenly Star music is included in the Lumines game 2. The available music in the player are deezer :

  • Breeze
  • Heavenly Star
  • Star Line
  • Star Surfer

3th group : Laughlife. This is a group of “reggae” Japanese, but with more pop than music of Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley. The group has acquired a good popularity among viewers of the channel Nolife by becoming a classic song “Sora”. The music on the player will :

  • Good Vibration
  • Sora

To finish, it will be the last single KOTOKO, but as I have already mentioned her here, well I'm not going to represent again ^^. So, it is the single Special Life! which is available on the player Deezer.

If these music / groups you want, here is the link to sites to get their albums / singles :

(For Amazon Japan, click on the link “Click here” right to move the site in English)