Small summary of the various CDs bought in Japan

That following the summary of CDs bought in Japan.

For the next group, it is UNSCANDAL, a compound of ska 5 members. They are best known for making theme of the anime School Rumble. The 2 titles are added to the player :

  • Sono saki ni hikaru basho
  • Fine!

The next group is Buono!, a group being part of the Hello Project! Kid (version more “child” HP! original). It is composed of 3 from members of 2 HP main groups! Kid : ° C out a Berryz Koubou. The titles are added to the playlist :

  • Good Cafe!
  • Renai Raider
  • Nakimushi Shounen
  • Kimi ga ireba

The third CD is the single Camellia Shimatani Hitomi, which is a J-Pop singer signed by Avex and began a year after Ayumi (Avex singer lighthouse), in 1999.

Finally, the last CD is a single. This is the latest single from Chihiro Onitsuka ; Hotaru. Chihiro Onitsuka is a singer with the majority of his songs are ballads.