Small summary of the various CDs bought in Japan

We begin with the latest single Laughlife : Minami Kaze (finally it'll be rather track 2 you single : BIG UP!). As I have already spoken of this group, I say no more ^^

For the second group, this is a rather special style of music because it is Chiptune. This is music generated by audio circuits, and in our case, the reproduced sound is a sound 8bit, as on the NES. This is the group whose YMCK chiptune style turned to Jazz. Securities are :

  • Magical 8bit Tour
  • Does John Coltrane dream of a Merry-Go-Round?

The third artist will DJ OZMA, who is, for those who know, also the singer of Kishidan. The musical style approaches the rap / hip-hop with a little touch of rock. The title is presented Shippu Jinrai .

Finally, the last group is a group of electro, see jazz electro-called i-dep. Securities are :

  • Mystic-music
  • Jump!
  • Hope (Airport far.)
  • Choose me