Il and to 2 weeks, j & rsquo; have received 4 new CD import : HALCALI – Long Kiss Goodbye, Good! – Lottara Lottara, One Ok Rock – Kanjou Effect et Perfume – Dream Fighter

Here they are :

  • HALCALI – Long Kiss Goodbye : Needless to present this rap duo, I have already done before ^^ This single contains 2 tracks. Long Kiss Goodbye, which is the seventh ending Naruto Shippuden, and FLASH (which is in the player Deezer)
  • Good! – Lottara Lottara : Bon, ben no introduction of this new unit of HP!Kids that I love. I had already posted the lyrics of the music just a few weeks. It is music in the spirit Buono!, ie good joyful rock and causing. And now, bin is available in the player Deezer ^^
  • One Ok Rock – Kanjou Effect : This is the third album of the band (already presented also). Also in the same spirit with a rock well “péchu” who gives “potatoes”… Les pistes Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid, Kaimu, Living Dolls and Reflection are in the player.

And to finish, a new group :

  • Perfume – Dream Fighter : This is a trio of 3 young women, twenty years, singing in the register Electropop / Shibuya-kei. They created the group 2001 (the 2 first members had 11 and 12 Oo years) and they are currently produced by Yasutaka Nakata, DJ and member of the duo capsule. And I must say that, when I heard the title of Dream Fighter Nolife, ben live so I bought I liked ^^ This title is available in the player

And little info for fans of Hello!Project : It is possible, through Nolife, send messages to members of H!P and H!P Kids. Just send her question (with their username / name and city) at email For more information, visit / Nolife forum at the following address : (search the issue or the topics on Ami Ami Idol : Hello! France)