Small summary 2 New Albums J-Music received yesterday : Good! 2 de Good! et abingdon boys school de… abingdon boys school ^^

here are the 2 albums :

  • Good! 2 from Good!, the new album that Pop / Rock Group Hello!Project Kids compound Miyabi (Berryz Kōbō), Momoko (Berryz Kōbō) and Airi (°C-ute). Ben, I say more than is good Buono!. Pop-Rock rejoicing (H!P obliges ^^), that puts in a good mood (good together, j'adore Good! therefore difficult to be objective ^^). The only thing I will say is that voice level is better mastered I think compared to Café Buono!.
  • abingdon boys school from eponymous group : This is a rock band whose singer Takanori Nishikawa (T.M.. Revolution – known for its generic of Gundam Seed). Discovered on Nolife (coincidentally ^^), this group gives a good rock “péchu” (as saying the “djeuns”), many leading, and although the voice of a little special Takanori, it adapts quite well to this style of music. The lyrics of the songs are mostly sung in English and Japanese. finally, limited edition (always available Yes-Asia contains more 3 first clips of the group, and the video game FolkSoul / Folklore Nephilim with background music.

You will find 8 After these titles Albums (4 of each) in the player Deezer (at the end of the list)