Rare are the times I speak anime, but the, I told myself that it was necessary to do well a quick post about these 2 videos “mythical” that are Daicon III and IV.

Here is a small presentation of these 2 videos, we can say, allowed the creation of studio Gainax (Evangelion, FLCL, Abenobashi, …)

At the beginning, se trouve la Nihon SF Taikai, SF convention (that still exists). In 1981, it takes place in Osaka and is named Daicon III (because this is the 3rd time in Osaka). To accompany the opening of the convention, a short film is performed by students of the city art school. This short film, although having a rather simplistic animated (the main reason is that this was one of their very first film), contains a significant number of references to various works of SF (Ultraman, Star Wars, Star Trek, …) everything was achieve by hand and with a 8mm camera.

Here is the video of Daicon III

DAICON III Opening Movie (Remastered audio & video)

Two years later, le Nihon SF Taikai revient a nouveau a Osaka (as the Daicon IV), and again, the same group achieved opening video. But compared to the previous, it is truly impressive for its time (and even today I find), with smooth animation, pace, well controlled. The whole is accompanied by a soundtrack composed solely of 3 music, dont 2 After the group Electric Light Orchestra : Prologue & Twilight, music that fits perfectly in this anime. But OK, the best, is to let you enjoy :

DAICON IV (Original LD rip – Remastered audio)

Once the video released, Bandai noticed it and told them the filmmaking : The Wings HONNEAMISE. And to make Cella, the group decided to create 1984 an animation studio. Studio Gainax was born.

To finish, one can find a reference Daicon IV in FLCL. There is also a drama that, in its generic is a tribute to this video by taking his music and contains some animated scenes resembling enough. And this drama is… Densha Otoko (not surprising ? ^^). So here is the opening of Densha Otoko :

Train Man Train Man – ON