here is the (large) summary of what (large) weekend with some photos I took ^^ (Attention, I probably forget stuff, or so I badly located ^^)

Thursday :

Up at 4:30 for departure to Nevers (to get someone – donnie for info ^^) and Paris at 5:30 am. Arriving about 8:15, I had to wait for 1 hour donnie because he forgot to read my message sent yesterday 22h (Yes, sent message a little later ^^) and thought come around 9am ^^ Anyway, I still expected a little room.

Once on the A104 / N104, has near Paris, and there, first surprise / problem the weekend (because y'en had some) : plugs because of work, suddenly we lost a good half hour in the cap (Yeah !!! lively Paris!!!). Arrived suddenly at the hotel around 11:30. Time to take the room, deposit business and to go to Expo Park (25 min a pied), we arrive already with a huge crowd waiting outside a.

second surprise, we do not do once, ni 2 once but 3 Once the tail before returning (This is due, from what we said, the fact of the work took place on the esplanade of the palace). so good, we made the first girl waiting, then enters the Hall 7 to the second queue. This time it is cut into 3 group (tickets 3/4 days, tickets 1 days without tickets) and there, 3th surprise : Lensers are the first enter notes 1 days and without tickets, then once the queue 2 is empty, we are made to finally enter. Once, finally, past, we made a last girl waiting (very short this time) FINALLY and arrive within the JE. We will have had almost 2 WAITING HOURS after opening total before returning, and especially go last so that we buy the most expensive tickets (if we discard the premium), and that's still pretty annoying. The first day I was so wrong party and organization side, this year, JE has served us crap !!! (yes I push a gueulante).

Anyway… has finally arrived inside, I said to myself, given the time, it'll be rapping concert school food punishment, to start at 13h. and, miracle, thanks to the crappy organization (or so it was desired) the concert started late and arrived just before the start of it. Phew ^^

As for the concert, so…. all just great !!!! But OK, instead of trying to tell why (I'm not good in this stuff) here are some pictures and you have a video in not very long.

After the concert, I also want to take me a cd of AKB48 (10 nen Sakura) and SFP mini-album (Riff-rain). Then I go on MOSAIC.WAV stand to buy a cd to do autograph. Then I head to the corner dedications to the dedication and, well I learned that you need a ticket to get. Suddenly, I go to the info point and was told “Sorry, there is no ticket”. I ask the blow in terms of SFP and such replies >:( (Note that I have not seen mark the site or program that has had to come some time to come. In fact, must ask the info point to know 🙁 …). So after this disappointment, ben walk in the I, some facts purchases, meeting with members of the forum Nolife (or not for some), Many pass in front of the stand Nolife (with the purchase of 2 Nolife shirt with the new logo and hello to DamDam).

Finally the day will end with the last 101% Davy turned on the big stage (it is also the only time I'll go see this scene) then I go and shoot a little (since filming had already y'en) before being told “Sorry you do not have the right to film”. And to do well, so, daughter went also ask 2/3 People also stop filming. Grrrrr….. (basically, must be in the middle of the crowd if not we will do shit with it ^^). After that, I find donnie and we returned to the hotel, we ate a Hippopotamus who was next and I finished editing the DVD gift for 2 year Nolife.

Friday :

Arrived at about 8:15 I (because the organization I decided at the last moment to open 9am I was a strong influx of the day), we rebuild again 2 queue expectations and we waited approx. 1h30 before returning (he apparently avoid making the big mistake Thursday). So I entered the at 9:45 am, I decide to withdraw money. Suddenly, 20 min waiting to arrive at the distrib. Then meets with members of nolife order to plan the program for the dedications of AKB48. So we missed the concert to have the ticket for signings (because the tickets being distributed to 2:20 p.m., just at the end of the concert – if it does not delay – it is better to sacrifice the concert to be about to have a dedication). So we arrive with several members was 12.30 at the information point to be in the top has to queue for tickets. 1:30 After waiting, finally has the tickets and it is the joy ^^.

We decide to walk around a bit before going to the signings, This is actually a very bad idea. 15h30, we arrive at the hall of dedication and, is already crowded and as the tickets are not numbered, ben, there is no running order (but OK, this is not the worst, compared to the following…). Moreover, due to Ra:IN was late for signings, those of AKB48 were too late. But OK… AKB48 arrive, the crowd shouts, PTiTRoZ (a Board member hitch a Mi-Chan) almost in tears when Mi-Chan made a sign, … short, is joy.

The dedications starts and that's begins the fuck level organization. D & rsquo; first, we do we know that each of the girls (they are eight) will give a dedication, but on any medium. except, the organization was so good that she did not even see people pass by signing several things at the same time to the same person !!!! (first point annoying) But the worst is now. Under the pretext that I was late on the program, the last of the queue (ie we) will have right of ONE SIGNATURE OF EIGHT GIRLS. Moral tomb 0 and nervousness (especially PTiTRoZ) rising rapidly. PTiTRoZ began to yell at one of the staff made it “kindly” that it's either that, or it is nothing at all. Suddenly, PTiTRoZ mouth even once and, the staff tells us something of the style “Well if you are not happy, you hereby RELEASE !!!“. A little more and PTiTRoZ put his point in Figure !!!

So we had to resolve a take only one signing (mid-chan for me), but once made the dedication, management at the information point to yelling suddenly and try to have a responsible. So we spoke with the head of booth staff (very nice indeed ^^) who tried to have a manager on the phone but not have it. Suddenly, she said she will talk to his chief and board tomorrow, at the opening, to know what'll happen… And that's when the really says that the organization is crap I wish to and that Japan Expo Japan = Con. Anyway, because suddenly there remained much to do, bin back on the stand of Nolife, or there has been the location of the J-Top and ended the day. Then I recovered and donnie Impou (a daughter Forum Nolife) to return to the hotel. Besides, on the way back, I paumais the room access card, what made me well for a while pinball (I thought someone had recovered from the – I did the reverse to find her – go ahead and bite the stuff in the room… I freak out sometimes quite rapidly) but in the end we got a new card with nothing disbursed more.

then was normally expected to make a special meal wotas, but when we came to the RER station at 20h, ben there were still plenty of people waiting and a message saying that the next RER would have 40 to 45 min late. So we abandoned the blow of the meal and ended in a Speed ​​Rabbit before returning to the hotel.

Saturday :

So, Saturday, I had expected a lot of things to do, but because of the signings of the problem of AKB, saw that day still virtually reserved for AKB48. After waiting for 1:30 before returning and go buy some stuff, I joined PTiTRoZ to return to the info point to see what was the trick Friday. I took the opportunity to see a little Flander's conference and see (from afar) Pierre (guy who works with me and who has the role of Remy in D.Next 6.3) So after getting everyone, we went to the info point and we are told that we can not give us direct ticket but for once, the distribution of tickets was advanced to 14:30 instead 17:20. Suddenly, we gave appointment to 13h at the information point. I also took the time to get a ticket for the dedication of Yui Makino.

I then I wandered back into the I, and I took the opportunity to take photos to autograph Yui Makino (they had no CD in Wasabi). Then I joined the group again and discussed until qu'eivind (a guy Forum) Emergency calls PTiTRoZ 12:15 has to prevent a queue for AKB48 has already been created (by large fans of AKB48). Suddenly direction speed information booth to get in line (and PTiTRoZ which suddenly had a grudge against those who launched the line). Finally the file is completed and that the number of tickets was quite limited (some say 30 tickets), providing tickets was advanced at 13:30. And it has managed to have a new ticket.

After obtaining the ticket, towards the signing Yui Makino (I could not see the concert because tickets dedications AKB48) and I got an autograph on a photo and I was able to have their picture taken with it ^^ (but the picture is blurred :'( ).

Once obtained Dedi, ben towards the conference AKB just next to which was almost finished. During this conference asked a eivind “super” question : Why have sung in English / French music while we preferred in Japanese ? I can not tell you the reactions of girls ^^

After the conference ended, ben direction JE Live House to prepare to be closer to the stage. After about 2 hours of waiting, we finally enter the lobby and it hustled / ran in all directions (basically had to fall to avoid ending crushed ^^). I managed to have a pretty good spot, not too far from the scene (the front seats being reserved for Japanese wotas specially came to see the band). After waiting a few minutes each tight against the other, the concert began and it was madness ^^ Besides thank PTiTRoZ for the glow stick and Maneki for filming the entire concert with my cam before the scene through his press badge. So you should have a video of the concert soon ^^

After the concert, bin towards the signing and, there's been no problem, we were treated to all the signatures (8 girls, but not the same as yesterday) and especially I was able to 2 photos, including one with Sayaka is now my new background ^^.

Then Ben we all found the nolife stand to prepare the evening meal (we had a special meal Nolife in a Japanese restaurant in Montreuil). so 6:30 p.m., we share with Donnie and I Impou to go to ask the hotel business and take the car to go to dinner.

Arrived at the restaurant at 20:30, ben than to say it was a great evening. I was sitting at the table WOTA, Chron as with staff of Nolife with us (Carolina also Y'avait, Macha et Pirou). And to 23h, the big surprise : the arrival of Sebastien Ruchet (boss Nolife) applauded by the whole restaurant (one was approx. 120 ^^). He talked a little with us before going to tour all tables (and to try to put a face to some members of the forum). the restaurant around 0:30 and we finished we got to the hotel around 1 / 1:15.

Sunday :

Last day of I and I have a crazy sore foot and back ^^. Standing at 9:30 (just to rest a little more than usual). Deposit suitcases in the car, discount card and taking breakfast at the hotel (for my part). I arrived at around 10:45 am, there was no queue (they apparently learned the dumpling Thursday). Steering the big stage to see the quiz chaos, but when I saw the crowd waiting (but I think that most was for cosplays that followed) I turned around and I took the opportunity to photograph bagnoles tunnées ^^

Then I got back I wandered in the, did some shopping. I also attended to the voice in Taka no Tsume, the film 2 and I saw a small interview Yui Makino made by Suzuka. Then to 15h30, I wanted to go see the concert Azuka, but because the people he was (that was especially made to see the concert Kanon Wakeshima – saw that the room was not emptied between 2 concerts 🙁 ) well I abandoned.

In the meantime, I wandered again, and there… Surprise… Passing the MOSAIC.WAV stand I see written “For a purchased CD, you will have a dedication !!!”. After a little hesitation, I finally cracked ^^ So I buy the 2nd CD MOZAIC.WAV which was on sale and I suddenly gets the dedication that I did not get on Thursday !! Coool ^^

So, So after I sauntered, I'm going to the recovery of the ticket for the dedication of Azuka, ticket I had easily. The problem is that the concert had started very late, the group could not return to their stand between the concert and dedications. Suddenly, I have not been able to buy CDs to make dedicated and suddenly, ben, I have not done the dedication 🙁 (could be signed on anything, but OK, to sign a simple white sheet I find no interest, especially the music of the group had the good looks interesting…)

I've also, during the day, tried having the dedication of Natsuki Takaya (author of Fruits Basket). Finally, I had a poor pen and eraser in the colors of Fruits Basket. Besides, I think no one really to force people to buy manga (3 including minimum 2 de Takaya) in order to have a chance to get an autograph. Limit if I liken this to the forced sale !!!!

I also saw shooting (Finally, the beginning of shooting) At a Marcus against the world and turning trays for special programs JE Nolife.

Finally, at 18:30, strongest have ended the day dancing to the nolife stand on music idol (Good!, Momusu,… – for my part, I was too tired and I hurt the skull because of the heat) and 19h, I gave the DVD Gift Alex and Seb (besides, I thought not as great ^^). Now remains to be seen if I will have an answer ^^

19h, Return to the hotel, departure from the hotel for a return that promises hard ^^ (and he was… Mostly the 60 last km or I fight, leaves to sing loudly in the car, to concentrate and stay awake ^^

Voili voilou !!!!

So as we see little, despite having been left satisfied with what I, I can not deny that the organization of this year I was pretty grim (retards, poor management of queues, dedications, …) and suddenly, I hardly ever able to follow what I had planned to do 🙁

will therefore, for the next year, provide this kind of problem with the schedules (hoping that schedules are as good as done better,…) and especially look at the list of the stands because I had not even seen that there was a Jelly Beans stand with the two singers ^^

Anyway… Basically, I a lackluster for me.

And to finish, photos !!