Small summary of the latest J-Music CDs imported / purchased.

But before talking about CD, little info.

Because Deezer have changed stuff and apparently their external player no longer works very well, ben, I am, so, pass on Imeem for music. We must therefore wait a bit for the playlist fills again.

good start…

  • MOSAIC.WAV – We Love “AKIBA-Pop” & SPACE AKIBA-POP : Group I was able to quickly listen to the Japan Expo (and suddenly I bought 2 CD and I had a dedication ^^). So, MOSAIC.WAV is a group of Akiba-pop / pop-Moe / Gamewave originated in Akihabara, neighborhood “electronic / otaku” Tokyo (hence the name of Akiba-pop). This is electro-pop very “sweetened”, singer with, more, a pretty voice “shrill”/acute (in the style of Konata in Lucky Star). The group is best known for making music of eroge and some opening music anime as Sumomomo Momomo. Bon, this is a genre that is not likely to please everyone but I like it ^^
  • school food punishment – futuristic imagination & Riff-Rain : I discovered them on Nolife and seen in concert at the JE. Ben uh… what to say… this is good rock with good sound and I love. For details, The easiest : ^^ (as it is I who posted).
  • SCANDAL – SAKURA Goodbye (2th major single) : Bon, I will not talk about the group as I've talked about for the last year I. I'll just say that in one year, they are much improved ^^ Good, the clip is not very detailed but the music is sending.
  • What – balance : Same as Scandal, Kokia has already had its own ticket ^^ In terms of this double album (which is actually the consolidation of 2 Albums output in Japan), it is pretty quiet in the sense that there are very few pop music, just as I ga kikoeru, but it's still more instrumentalized ^^. Regarding vocal performance, ben… this is the Kokia, So a voice very well controlled. So a lot Album (even if the best of remains my favorite ^^ but hey it's not really an album that)
  • AKB48 – 10 (Jiu) nen Zakura : Ben finally, we will talk about the phenomenon of idols JE2009 : AKB48. AKB48 is an idol group (as the various H group!P) with a rather peculiar concept. Different members are divided into 3 teams (A, K et B) and occur daily, in their own room, a Akihabara (hence the AKB for Akiba, reduces the name of the district). More details here : For information, 10 nen Zakura is the first single of AKB48's reach 100 000 sold copies. If not, musically, Ben is the typical music groups of idols, that is to say catchy, pace, joyful,…

Voila. You will find music of each group on the player.