For those who do not know what Daicon IV, I referred you to this billet

For a few days, I try to improve the quality of video Daicon IV. After many hours of testing and testing with different filters, I think I found a good compromise ^^

Here is a short comparison between the rip my video Laser Disc and the version after the passage of the filters :

Comparatif DAICON IV
As shown, much of the original sound disappeared and some black lines (finest) are, largely, erased. The downside is that the finest details (such as windows of buildings in the background) are dimmed because, exactly, filters that, mainly, smooth image.

Here are the filters I used :

  • MSU Smart Deblocker 0.8 (MSU Graphics)
  • MSU Cartoon Restore 2.0 Beta (MSU Graphics)
  • Smart Smoother 1.1 (Donald Graft)
  • Smart Smoother HiQuality 2.11 (Klaus Post)

And here below the video obtained by HD resolution. Note that I use, in addition to the above filters, MSharpen the filter 1.2.1 (de Donald Graft/Adreas Ludwig) et Hue/Saturation/Intensity 1.1 (de Donald Graft) in this HD video to try to keep fairly fine lines and good color after resizing.