As I ordered new albums / singles, ben… I add suddenly some music in the player with a small description, as usual ^^

Bon, start :

  • Good! – Take It Easy! : I will not dwell on my favorite idol group ^^
    La musique Kirai Suki Daikirai, available in the player, is actually the B side of their latest Single Take it Easy!. Besides, le clip de Take it Easy! is watchable for free on the site Dohhh Up.
    I put the B side because I find, in my opinion, more in the spirit of the group with a good rock music. But OK, Take It Easy! also not bad, plus “summer” in style.
  • AKB48 – Iiwake Maybe : After the H!P, AKB48 is now with, also, their latest single.
    I think, musical style level, it approaches more and more musical style Buono! with rock music compared to the first titles that are more classic J-Pop idol. And that, it is ^^
  • Kana Uemura – Haru no Sora : I have already presented in Kana this post. This is a mini album (7 tracks) rather nice (in the same style as his previous album : Ai to Taiyo). The tracks Arigato and Darlin’ are available in the player.
  • Tsubaki – Ryusei Note : This is a J-Rock group, created in 2000 and compound 3 members : Isshiki Noriyasu vocals / guitar, Ogawa Hironaga on bass and on drums Naoko Okamoto.
    It's a group that I discovered (as almost all the time now) on Nolife. Besides, the overall style of the band reminds me of Asian Kung-fu Generation.
    Thing to note, 2 clips are officially available on Youtube, via their channel : These are also 2 clips that are available on Nolife.
    Both pieces are available Hikari (that I love) et Nugisutete.

Voili Voilou…

Happy listening ^^