There are more than a month stood, Montreuil, le Chibi Japan Expo 2009 (3th). Bon, I'll try to summarize this weekend trying not to forget anything, saw good, it was not yesterday ^^

Friday :

Standing around 4:45 to prepare then towards the station to 5:40 for departure at 6 am. Already, first fuck. The train had to be a direct Paris-Clermont but to strike because, the 5:30 train that could not go, that of 6 am will be a normal process. So count 45min further on the initial leg. Bon, we do with ^^ arrived in paris at 9:45 / 10h, then towards the subway to get to Montreuil.

Being a chibi, the waiting girl goes quickly and I go inside around 10:30. First things to do : dedication retrieve a ticket for Yusuke Kozaki (Kyoko Karazuma) and the Jelly Beans. What me “allows” already made my first purchase : 2 CD des Jelly Beans (Isshou Seishun et Jelly Beans-I). Then pending the dedication of Kosaki, I am going to take me 3 T-shirt noob, including one autographed by Tenshirock and Omega Zell.

12:30, Yûsuke KOZAKI management of the dedication that I got autographed Volume 1 de Kyoko Karazuma. Then, glandage again until the concert of Jelly Beans. In the meantime, I found the forum Nolife of guys and we start in the queue for concert 14:30. Concert which was also very energetic. Y'avais same two guys with light sticks (including an, ben… it was me ^^). Once the concert ended, towards the dedication of the JB and then we go for the glandage with a small passage on the collective stand touindin (created by Damdam) with purchase of the ultimate package geekotak 2.

End of the day, direction metro / RER to go to sleep with a guy nolife Cergy forum (Neo goods). The evening, it was pizza, photobook, AKB48 a C-out.

Saturday :

Today & rsquo; hui, it's the day, that the concert HANGRY&ANGRY. So standing around 7:30, starting at 8 am, and there… SNCF strike (or RATP, I remember too). Suddenly, forced to take a different path to finally arrive at 9 am. We thought that given the time and that the limited number of signings (75 per day), it will be rapped… Well no, we managed to have the precious paper ^^ (Well I had to buy the album Sadistic Dance and 2 sets of photos you a t-shirt, but OK… When we love, not counting ^^). And then, management queue concert H&Who was a 2:00 p.m., So some long hours of waiting. But thanks to his phone and PTiTRoZ. laptop filled with idols, as well as Japanese wotas(is) came specially for the concert, the hours passed quickly and in joy and good humor.

14:00 comes the moment of the concert. The room had had emptied chairs (compared to the concert of JB, which is quite boring) and during 10 minutes before the concert, a Japanese WOTA (the largest with a good voice castling) has not stopped first launch HANGURY not taken other wotas and has gradually spread throughout the room, what has made the atmosphere and warm the room. Then this is the emergence of H&A and, is delirium. Here is the tracklist of the concert :

2. Sadistic Dance
3. Angelia (Crash Berlin Version)
4. MC
5. Lady Madonna
6. The ☆ PEACE! (H&A Death Version)
7. Kill Me Kiss Me (Crash Berlin Version)

what concert, even if it was short (it's always short when we love) was intense and the audience background. And the cover of The Peace of Momusu is terrible battle (H&To have even surprised the audience resume the “Peace! Peace!” ^^).

After this moment of happiness, return to a small glandage pending the famous dedication to 16:15. Came time for the dedication, welcomes the public again H&A and Dedi begins. and, surprise, it is shipped to a well supported speed (of the Up-Front staff I imagine). Result, each person does not stay more than a minute before the two singers (with of course strict ban on photos / videos), which is rather short. But OK… Rika-chan have a meter in front of me…. aaahhh…. She is too cute ^^

Once obtained Dedi, Dubbing the leadership conference and Wakfu Butsu Zen with my other colleagues… to, it was mostly to hang out until the evening restaurant – even if conferences were friendly (One of the women was a Zen butsu “regard” killer ^^)

19:00, closing the chibi, one goes to the outside to join any forum members participating in the meal (sixty people) to go all the restaurant. Besides, it was well noticed on the way through a huge flag Nolife (still the same person since I JE 2008 ^^). Regarding the restaurant, ben, it was very nice with photo viewing, photobooks (PTiTRoZ thank you for PB momoko ^^), discussion of idols and Nolife, Watching Videos (Momoko et le Thus rice : magic ^^),… Some guests were also part : Fred, Benedict, second, … Around 23h / 11:30 p.m., return to metro / RER to go (in the fog) and do a good sleep.


Today & rsquo; hui, since there was no trick “critique”, we took the time to come : arrived at 11am. Seeing that there were not many people to dedicate to Yusuke Kozaki and Kyo Hatsuki, ben I decided to do it again (both this time) and taking the original design proposed for those who have nothing to do autograph. Once obtained the dedication, towards the “room” Conference to prepare for the H conference&A. So we again right to ^^ Zen Butsu conference

Then begins at 12:30 H conference&A. They are new acclaimed by the public and begins the session of questions / answers. There was a bit of everything, mundane matters and more interesting questions (bon, since the time, I kinda forget all ^^). Moreover during the conference, yaf (a guy Forum) did not hesitate to show a blue scarf which he had written (it seems to me) un truc du genre Charmy daisuki (Charmy = Rika Ishikawa).

After the conference ended (it lasted almost 1 hour), direction stand Aslan (if I am not mistaken in the time / date ^^) to get a picture with JB. Finally, in addition to the photo, I got a handshake. Moreover, yaf took advantage of me “denounce” to JB as a people they had the phone (aaahhh…. cracrayol-san !!!! ^^). yaf thank you ^^

Ensuite, little chat with a guy I've known for a few years and the small tower Flander's conference where I saw the episode 3 of the season 3. finally, The day ended with a last little glandage the aisles before sitting on a chair, in comatose fashion, until 18h.

18h, Metro management to return to Lyon train station and take the train to Clermont-Ferrand. Arriving at Clermont-Ferrand 23:30, an office colleague had to come get me but he had completely forgotten ^^ (d & rsquo; elsewhere, I got the day after the growing and chocolatine ^^). Suddenly, this is my “chef” who came to pick me up and drop me home.

Voila, I hope I have not forgotten too much stuff and have all put in order. To finish, the few pictures I took.