Wednesday 28 October, I get around 10 Pilot Alex a message asking me if I'm free between noon and 14h to the corner Followers (show where Davy called subscriber to talk with them and ask them a video broadcast – d & rsquo; elsewhere : SUBSCRIBE ^^). I replied, so, Yes, I am available and at 12.45 approx., the famous call arrives. Quick, I isolate myself from my work colleagues and I pick…

The following video ^^

To refocus the context, Jelly Beans were actually visiting Paris, for Chibi Japan Expo, and are “take a walk” in Nolife to shoot some stuff. Et is, Alex decides faires pass in the corner of subscribers. He decided to choose 3 people who posted in the forum the topic of Jelly Beans and who left their phone number (me, yaf Yugo and if I'm not mistaken) and these people will have the Jelly Beans on the phone and not Davy as they should have been expected (guaranteed surprise effect ^^).

Of course, this little passage part of the promotion of their album (3 clips on Nolife ? 3 people chosen ? ^^) but OK, when in such cases there, you forget it (finally, you think about not really actually) and we try to enjoy, although I must admit (and I said to Alex just after) I stressed that a death ^^