For the second time, I went to TGS : le Toulouse Game Show (not the Tokyo Game Show unfortunately ^^)

Compared to last year, the formula seems to have not changed a bit (little or) with space agora arranged to the scene and stores / associations (the scene was also better placed) and space Diagora used for a few other shops (especially Ankama) and the various activities (Magic, Quiz, conferences, Japan space, …)

For my part, I have not done much this year, having gone there especially for 2 things : (re)see Alex and Suzuka and Nolife (re)see people Forum Nolife (basically, it will be a special TGS Nolife ^^).

I have also the opportunity to play again in the terminal IIDX (who was living in freeplay) and to see James and make him two games that were left in my consoles since August ^^

But OK, before talk Nolife, here are some tips that I bought (well yeah, the temptation is great in such living ^^) :

  • Nerdz box Season 3 Collector
  • Ankama goodies (but OK, it was free ^^)
  • 7 CDs chez Book-Off
  • It une figurine Naomi (With you)
  • A figurine ??? (while jap ^^)
  • Une figma Takara Miyuki (Lucky Star)

Good start again on Nolife. In late morning, Alex and Suzuka gave a lecture / debate but did not arrive in time, I missed (but OK, from what I was told, I have not missed much because I already knew the answers). Then in the afternoon, This was book signing (finally, I had already had when I Dedi) alternating marcus (who had traveled) and Alex and Suzuka.

In the evening, Why fuck Provencal resto, organized by Solarus, and bringing together members of the forum and… Alex, Suzuka and the team Noob (Solarus had also asked Nerdz but they have not even responded). What say it was a good meal, with good delusions (a video was even taken to a Tokyo Café ^^) and a good atmosphere.

After the restaurant, Back at TGS for concerts, but given the time I only stayed a few minutes, just to see the tail end of a concert of Bernard Minet taking on drums generic anime (I saw Pegasus Fantasy fact) then back to my father for dodo.

The next day, Back at TGS 16h (family meal requires). I, who hoped to see Alex to give him a little trick, he was already gone 🙁 (so, sent by mail). And otherwise, some small purchases over (in addition to what I had done the day before) then departure to Clermont.

To finish, Here are some photos taken during the meal + shopping :