As said yesterday, I changed the music player, and I took the opportunity to add music from my latest CD.

If I forget anything, y'a AJISAI, Asian kung-fu generation, Berryz Kobo, Good!, Guardians 4, HANGRY&ANGRY, Hyde, Jelly Beans, Morning Musume, Puffy (the miYumi) et Shimatani Hitomi (many H!P / UF in the bunch ^^)

Here in detail the new CD (and therefore new music) that I had.

  • AJISAI – sayonara terminal : This is the second album by J-Rock group. Discovered by Nolife (as almost all the groups I know ^^), it is a very nice j-rock band listen, in the same musical style that Tsubaki.
  • Asian Kung-fu Generation – Sol-fa : This is the second group album. AKG / Ajikan is a popular J-rock band. Several of his songs have been tie-up anime. For example, on the album Sol-fa, Rewrite is the 4th opening of FMA and Loop & Loop was used in the game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan.
  • Berryz Kobo – 1st Cho Berryz : This is the first album of this group of Hello!Project (originally Heelo!Project Kids – and I do not think it's still useful to present the H!P ^^), released in 2004. The singers then were between 10 and 13 years.
  • Good! – Bravo☆Bravo : 9third single from this rock group H!P. No need to present the DTX and ^^ my previous posts already do ^^
  • Guardians 4 – Party Time : Unit H!P created specifically to sing the generic series Shugo Chara, as for Buono! originally (which is now considered a full group). This is their 3rd single. The B side, Watashi no tamago, is sung by Shugo Chara Egg!!
  • HANGRY&ANGRY – Sadistic Dance : First real album of this group of 2 ex-momusu Ishikawa Rika et Yoshizawa Hitomi. I think I need to go into details of the group because I have spoken enough in the ticket on the Chibi Japan Expo ^^
  • Hyde – FAITH : This is the third album from solo project of hyde, the singer of L'Arc ~ En ~ Ciel, very experienced group of J-Rock (who also did a concert at the Zenith in Paris in 2008)
  • Jelly Beans – Isshou Seishun + Jelly Beans-I : Respectively 3rd single and first album of this idol duo of Asakura Sakura and Yu-ki, they are often present in France for Japan Expo / Chibi Japan Expo. They have also made a small passage on Nolife and I even got A suprise ^^
  • Morning Musume – 3rd -Love paradise- + Roman ~My Dear Boy~ : Respectively 3rd and 22th single album. as Buono!, no need to present the Momusu ^^ More, 3rd -Love paradise- is, therefore, to say, ALBUM of Momusu because it contains the 2 most successful group : Love Machine et Koi no Dance Site (More than 1 million copies each)
  • PUFFY (the miYumi) – Mogura Like : 20third single from the rock duo of Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura, created in 1996 and has been an immediate success.
  • Shimatani Hitomi – Neva Eva : 25third single of this singer. I had already presented at the presentation of my CD purchased during my trip to Japan. Special title : the group participates Pistol Valve.