In a few days, I should get a new command import CDs which are listed below :

  • Good! – Our Songs (Limited edition CD + DVD) : 10single th group 'rock’ you H!P
  • Good! – We are Good! (Limited edition CD + DVD) : 3th album of the same group
  • THE possible – Family (Limited edition CD + DVD) : 4th major single of the idol group the Nice Girl Project! (produced by Tsunku). Created in 2006, he was previously in the H!P and consists of former members of H!P Eggs.
  • UPLIFT SPICE – Omega Rhythm : This is the second album from this group of emo-punk created in 2006 and compound of Chiori (voice), yuukii (guitar), atsushi (low) et futo (battery).

J’ai, so, added the titles of these CDs in the player grooveshark.