The last weekend, it was the TGS Ohanami Edition in Toulouse. It was a more intimate lounge that normal TGS and more focused on Japanese culture.

And now as I work on Toulouse (and yes, Clermont bye ^^) , ben… It was an opportunity to go.

While side stands, provided it was less than the normal TGS, normal since only the Agora space was used. So we had the classic manga sales booths / anime / goodies / Figurines /… There were also ten arcades of Neo Arcadia room (with a true PnM 15 ^^), Coucoucircus a stand, Origami stand, a stand Kyudo, few stalls selling Japanese food, including that of Okini, small Japanese tea room in the heart of Toulouse (I highly recommend going for a walk ^^)

Coté guests, it was quite reduced : Bernard Minet (classical…), Davy Mourier and especially Alex, Suzuka et Marcus !!!

Suddenly, Saturday I have had a dedi Marcus and a Diploma of grosdoigtitude ^^

There's nothing to say, Marcus is nice, and more since, level people, it was quite intimate, Marcus does not hesitate to speak for 2/3 minutes with each person to whom he signed the diploma (something almost impossible to do at Japan Expo saw the people there every time). For my part, I had to explain where did my nickname ^^ and especially I asked him if he was aware that a special meal Nolife (As in the previous TGS or at Japan Expo) was expected and if it had come. Result : although he confirmed that he would come to the meal (Suzuka had told him) ^^

If not, waiting for the evening and the meal, I met some people I knew already (Solarus, Aquila, samy_fit, seb_c_bien, …), did some shopping (including a superb figure and a beautiful art book ^^) and took photos of the individual cosplay. I also enjoyed to see (and say hello to) Alex and Suzuka and talk a little with them (I even got to kiss at Suzuka ^^).

A 19h30, we give appointment to Agora to get together and go to dinner. Arriving at the restaurant, the boss kindly offer us a drink on the terrace ^^ A few dozen minutes later, Marcus arrive (he had to go first to the hotel) and after consultation, and decides to make a big hug to Marcus (it looked even more when a melee ^^). Comes time to sit, and there… I find myself to façe’ Alex and seb_c_bien, who was next to me, in face of Suzuka ^^ (Moreover it was a bit stressed instantly ^^).

What follows is a very good dinner with lasagna with goat, duck and a chocolate charlotte with written above “No life Gambate Kudasai” (Wholesale Courage Nolife – note the beautiful mistake in writing Nolife ^^). I mostly talked with Alex (and a little Suzuka at the end). It spoke mostly of the chain, its operation, of anecdotes, … despite visible fatigue Alex (at least, he seemed to be very tired).

After the meal, back home and sleep.

The next day, arrived in Toulouse at 11:30 to make an inventory of my future apartment and back to TGS to review again a few guys, see Alex and Suzuka, take pictures of “mini” Cosplay group and see the quiz “Marcus against the public”. And before leaving, small gift for Suzuka and Alex : A group photo was taken at the restaurant, the day before (I would also like to suddenly make me an autograph too ^^). A last “bye bye” and voila ends for me TGS Ohanami.

And to finish, here are the photos (especially cosplay) This TGS.