The list of guests from Japan Expo unveiling more, this my selections guests not to miss…

finally… especially for me ^^ (so this selection may not suit you according to your tastes ^^)

So :

  • Of course, I will certainly not miss the Morning Musume, group idol worship, even if, admittedly, it's been a little while they no longer point to top the Oricon Top (AKB48 is taken over). But OK, this kind of opportunity arriving only rarely, should not miss. I'll do the concert, the conference and try to have a dedication ^^
  • Ensuite, as was X-Japan (finally… rather Yoshiki and Tochi) that will make a small acoustic showcase on Sunday. So do not miss either ^^
  • After, I will also do little to showcase Natsuko Aso. As a reminder, it has the emission Japan in Motion (on Nolife), ces 4 singles were used as OP / ED anime, She made appearances in various drama and the latest series of Kamen Rider.
  • Gamushara Ouendan, just because see in real Ouendan, it must be good delirium ^^
  • The group Doping Panda, which seems to be a very nice group to see live.
  • Mazakazu Katsura, mangaka author, inter alia, de Video Girl Ai ou de I”s, that will make a public conference on Saturday.

As we can see, I'm mostly focused on J-Music.

I still have a few I'd like to see, but OK… It remains to see the final schedule of history that plan to do / see and find time to do some shopping also ^^

Anyway, there's already the primary in this list ^^

Ahh… And for those who have not noticed, I added some music in the player, since I received it a week ago a small order :

  • the latest single from Natsuko Aso : Everyday sunshine line
  • Some titles of Polysics, After the BESTOISU!!! For information, Polysics is (finally… he had paused a few weeks ago) a group of well-crazy electro-rock that came several times in France.