Who says Japan Expo, said spending. And this year, ben… I have spent. And when we see purchases, immediately we see the theme of purchases this year : IDOLS (I imagine that the coming of Morning Musume is for something ^^).

Here is the list of my purchases with the small picture that goes ^^

My purchases during JE2010
  • Hello! Channel d’avril 2010
  • L'album LIFE de Yu-ki (dedication)
  • The DVD Clips 1 de Yu-Ki (dedication)
  • The Yu-ki towel
  • Le mini album Next Wired de the!!the!!color!!!
  • Le box CD singles complete des Morning Musume (I edition that contains all the singles until Seishun Collection / Tomo)
  • The 4 Natsuko Aso singles of autographed (+ 2 signings “generic”)
  • Un set photo Morning Musume Pika Pika
  • Un set photo Berryz Kôbô Concert Tour 2010
  • 2 The sets Photo U- (with a photograph dedicated in each)
  • Un set photo Morning Musume spécial Japan Expo
  • A range Morning Musume
  • A calendar 2010 Berryz Kôbô
  • Un visual book Morning Musume Pika Pika
  • Un visual book Berryz Kôbô Concert Tour 2010
  • a visual book Good! We Are Good!
  • 3 T-shirts Nolife (Compiler, OTO et PinPon)
  • A DVD Good! Magazine Vol.3
  • Un T-shirt Mario Galaxy 2 (thank you to the person who gave it to me ^^)
  • Un T-shirt Morning Musume

Voila shopping which I will avoid saying the sum ^^