I added in some music from the player purchased the CD when I.

Il y a du Morning Musume, du Asô Natsuko, du Yu-ki, Chihiro Onitsuka and the die!!the!!color!!!

So, in order :

  • Seishun Collection, the latest single of Momusu. Besides, concerning these, at the end of the series of fall concert 2010, 3 of them leave. This is Eri, JunJun et LinLin. And new hearings are scheduled (the first of 2006). More details here : H!F.
  • Several songs from the Na-chan singles. Besides, I should receive shortly his first album o / (and the Best Of Buono!)
  • Some music from the album LIFE Yu-ki. Yu-ki is the blue jellyko of Jelly Beans. It also has a solo career as author, composer, interpreter. Besides, when looking around on youtube, you can find videos of them singing in the streets of Tokyo (especially in Akihabara). finally, little something that makes fun, I received a mail from Youtube telling me YuukiOfficial (le channel YT de yu-ki) wanted to be my friend, which does not refuse ^^ (and since y 'has not the masses for now, it's nice to see that we are among the first in the applications ^^). And more, she added my video where I am with JB on the phone favorite ^^
  • Chihiro Onitsuka title, from the single Everyhome, exit in 2007. Like the vast majority of music Chihiro, it is a ballad.
  • 2 music from the mini-album newt wired to die!!the!!color!!, a group to happy hardcore trend (and so, this is the music well nag to jump in all directions ^^).