Every otaku has tried, at least once, playing a game Hentai (also called Eroge). Sadly, the vast majority thereof are in Japanese and have no translation.

But thanks to the use of some programs, it is now possible to have a translation in “real time” display texts in games. But don't expect a great translation, it is automatically translated, and therefore can get out phrases that have no meaning. This serves mainly to have a general understanding of the text. An automatic translator will never replace a real translator ^^

Updated 08/09 : I've updated the article to match the latest version of Translation Aggregator (the 0.4.3)

Here is what you need :

1. Windows Configuration

The first thing to do above all is to configure Windows to set the default Japanese for non-Unicode programs.

  • Sous Seven : Config panel. -> Region & language -> Administration -> Change the regional setting -> Select Japanese -> Validate and restart the computer
  • On Vista : Config panel. -> Regional Options -> Administration -> Change the system locale -> Select Japanese -> Validate and restart the computer
  • Under XP : Config panel. -> Regional Options -> Advanced options -> Set in Japanese “Language for non-Unicode programs” -> Validate and restart the computer

(Note : that changing this setting may cause some programs do not work, or will not work properly)

If Japan does not appear in the list, sous windows XP, go to the tab “Languages”, check the second box “Install files for East Asian languages” and confirm. The Windows XP CD is required and a restart must be done once the installed files.

2. Installing programs

Unzip Translation Aggregator another folder (eg. c:\Agreagator). This program is made by use of the dictionary ATLAS program (and optionally online translators) to translate from Japanese to English contents of the clipboard, and in real time. It comes with AGTH, a program that analyzes the process launched by the game executable to detect texts that are displayed and displays it in its own interface, while also copying them to the clipboard. Allowing, using AGTH Translation Aggregator and all have an instant translation of the text displayed.

Then install ATLAS (Note : The links point to the trial version 30 days). Installed, unzip the custom dictionary and double-click on it. This will launch the program “merge” of ATLAS dictionary. Just then click “Add Words” and wait for the insertion of new translations in the dictionary.

Finally to finish, ben… install your game ^^

3. Configuration / Launch

Lancez Translation Aggregator.

Click the small icon to the right of the name of the translator in order to enable automatic translation of the clipboard for it. For information, the translation is launched if Japanese characters are included in the clipboard.

Then go to the Tools menu -> Launch Text Hooker. This window allows you to configure the execution of the game and, either AGTH, Text Hooker either internal to RT.

In “injection type”, select “Launch new process” and specify the path to the exe of the game (the first type is used to automatically detect if the process is started Profile, and the second is used to select a process running). In “Process Locale”, choose “Japanese” if it is not already selected (it defined the system language in which the game is to be launched).

Then in “Text Hook”, choose either AGTH, either internal Hooker (to choose based games – preferably AGTH), each type has its own options. You can also choose to translate (or not) menus games with ATLAS (from)checking the option “Translate window menus with ATLAS’.

You must then configure the hooker with certain parameters. For that, the next page will serve you well : http://blgames.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=gametips&action=display&thread=250

This page contains various parameters to pass AGTH for it to work properly with a number of games. In general, This parameter is of the form / Hxxxxxxx. If you chose AGTH as hooker, just copy the parameter for your game (if needed) in Part “Add parameters”. If you chose the internal hooker, just pass by AGTH Converter to convert this code to internal format hooker (a doc about this format is available in docs Hook Codes.txt).

Once configured, just be OK for the game launches (with optionally AGTH) and it will create a profile for this game, to save the configuration.

Once launched, when a text will appear in the game, it will have to appear in AGTH (unless, of course, the original text is a picture ^^ or if you chose to go through the internal hooker) and be translated automatically in Translation Aggregator. If the text is not displayed, or it is not the right text, and you use AGTH, open the list in AGTH and select one of the entries displayed until having the right text.

That is what happens when all is launched :

Anime Games Text Hooker

Done ^^ you can now understand what is said (if you understand English) in Hentai games, little pervert ^^

Note : Small advice. Use multiple translation system in order to have a good sense of asez the original sentence. For that, click on the small icon to the right of the different method name in order to enable automatic translation when a new sentence is captured (You can close the area by against WWWJDIC – online dictionary – et MeCab – Transcription System). Do not hesitate to select the text in AGTH to prevent the translation takes into account the name of the protagonists in the translation.

  • On Vista : Config panel. -> Regional Options -> Administration -> Change the system locale -> Select Japanese -> Validate and restart the computer