Yesterday was held the concert to Kokia “the Dynamo” In Toulouse, as part of his European tour “Real World Tour 2010”.

Unlike last year when all 3 French dates took place in Paris, this year, the tour 4 dates in France, in 4 different cities and mainly in small rooms. Which allows to have a quite ambiance “intimate”, instrumentalization being limited to just a guitarist.

Here is a little summary of Kokia concert I have seen yesterday and before starting, only one word : MAGIC !!!

Arrived at 18h outside the room, there were few people still, but the closer one gets to 19h (the time indicated on the ticket), over the world arrived. It was nice to see that there were people coming to see Kokia singing.

Then, we learn that opening doors is not at 19h, but at 20h with the concert to 21h… It was therefore of hanging around outside waiting for the opening (with a small passage in Jack's, eat a little history). 20h, the doors open and we start to enter the room (and warm ^^).

First done on arrival : purchase of the album and a photo set of ^^ Can I join the people with whom I was. I was placed in front of the stage, on the left. Since people we started to sit parterre, the same is done. Then just a wait of about an hour. Step by step, the room is filled and finally ended up quite full ^^

21h, Kokia appears and descends on the scene, under the public acclaim. She and her guitarist into place, she thanked us for coming and wished us a pleasant evening, then begins the concert. It starts with the title track of the album and the tour : Real World (if I'm not mistaken, I have a goldfish memory ^^).

and, the magic happens right away. Kokia's voice is sublime, it's just as well, or even better than listening to a CD or DVD. The public is silent (has sometimes excluding some public people, which is a “lack of respect” I find…) and as soon as Kokia finishes his song, is to ask whether the public will applaud or not, so we are thrilled.

As previously said, side manipulation, there was her guitarist “Toad” to accompany and it was good enough. The only piece where a soundtrack was also used was Chowa oto ~ with reflection ~.

The concert ended with “Remember the Kiss” then boosted (a bit light level public) during which Kokia played the title “It’s a wonderful world” Louis Amstrong, with the audience singing (slowly) at the same time. What finish us a little ^^

Once the concert ended, The evening ends with a small signing session and I decide to do an autographed pictures of the set. Sadly, it is a little shipped and will be limited to a small Konbanwa and Arigatô gozaimasu (no photo with Kokia 🙁 ).

Voili voilou the small summary of the evening. To conclude, here are some photos of the concert as well 2 video clips.