(May 05/11/2010 : Chapter congratulations finished. I continued chapter 6. Go, courage… soon the end…)

After translation of the game Dink Smallwood, I made 2001-2002 (you can download here), I start Densha Otoko translation. I refer to the translation of posts “original”.

Finally unoriginal, because I start from the English translation available here. (I want to say that I had the permission of the original translator to make this translation)

For those who do not know Densha Otoko (or The Man on the Train) ==> direction Wikipedia.

I hope I get to the end quite impressive given the job he has to do it (more I do this in my spare time).

Moreover, since I am not a great speller balèze, there's a good chance that mistakes are found everywhere. Ditto for English, it may be that certain turns of phrase is not beautiful, see no sense, but I'll try to do it all as clean as possible. If you want help for correction, I would open a new ticket for each chapter, so you can put your corrections.

Good reading.

Management here ==> http://densha.cracrayol.org

(Note : the translation is also available with a link in the menu, as links to Statistics Joined)