World Order

Genki Sudo, before making music, was mostly (and is) known for being a practitioner of free-fight, mainly K-1. But OK, n & rsquo; not a specialist, I refer you to Wikipedia for that. A few years after leaving the free-fight, s it & rsquo; is set to music with the group WORLD ORDER, sous le label V-PINE Records (distributed by Avex).

There currently is 4 clips and one can say that these clips have a certain class. Genki and his cronies appear in the clips while doing “Robot”…

The 2 clips based on the eponymous music “World Order” are executed in the street and “s’amuse” is watching people's reactions (and comparing Tokyo and New York) seeing the group dance.

Le clip “Mind Shift” is, his, rather focuses on some representation “Buddha” at the dance.

finally, le clip “boy meets girl” shows the attempted (successful) drag the group to a group of young women. And the little thing that m & rsquo; a good laugh in this clip (in addition flick basin ^^), c’est qu’a 3:15, the group released us some movements wotagei ^^

Suddenly, to illustrate, here is the clip “boy meets girl”

Other clips are available on the channel Crystal Navigation.

And his first mini-album (6 securities) is available CD JAPAN (env. 25€ for the CD + DVD).