This year, again, I went to TGS 2010 (and good, is now in Toulouse, c & rsquo; is easier ^^).

Here is a brief report of the weekend with the photos that go far.

Friday, 18h45, I leave the taf to arrive at 19:15 at TGS. Arriving, I meet James. We talk about fifteen minutes and then I put myself in the queue & rsquo; waiting. After 15min d & rsquo; waiting in the cold, I get the & rsquo; inside. Coté proposed content, There & rsquo; s not much to say. Y & rsquo; had a cosplay Stand, coucou circus, ddr burgundy and neo-arcadia (console only). The rest were closed to the public.

Management therefore the scene where I meet with his camera Solarus, and megami with family and kekette. The evening began with the passage of Didier and Davy on stage to say hello, to say that there & rsquo; have no octopus and maelys and show talents to Davy yo-yo. Puis on a eu droit a 2 times music d & rsquo; idols by a group of 4 Girls (les K-Angels). The first title, c & rsquo; was Special Generation Berryz and the second, I know more. D & rsquo; otherwise I complained a little because the guy has the sound s & rsquo; is super bad démerde with microphones, so, girls sang often in vacuum (and they sang not too bad more).

Ensuite, c & rsquo; the concert was Sankara. Mais is, I went to eat with his family and megami Japanese corner (as classic jap). And starting j & rsquo; suddenly came across Seb (with a handshake in passing ^^), Medoc (which was already take pictures), transpire man (I believe Guillaume) and I know who. Once eaten, we went back to the evening where the concert continued Sankara. Finally, after a little d & rsquo; listening and a little bit of WRC on an Xbox terminal (unplayable with the racket around actually ^^), return to & rsquo; appart.

Saturday, up to 10h, then the time to prepare and take the road, j & rsquo; arrive at around 11am Labège. I figure as & rsquo; last year, the bulk of the queue & rsquo; wait will be spent. And well… non… and instead… the line d & rsquo; expectation is huge. While I say this to me, I see Gaël (a friend) and his wife of & rsquo; other side of the street. I will see and decide to take the leading cash and not pre-selling as it seems a bit shorter. And coincidentally, I find myself with family megami (a girl Forum Nolife).

After ca.. 45 min d & rsquo; waiting, we finally enters the TGS and, ben… C’est le syndrome Japan Expo 2004 : Too crowded to capacity & rsquo; hosting Diagora. It jammed everywhere, in some places, l & rsquo; air is saturated, or difficult to look at things calmly,… In short c & rsquo; is the brothel… (and I do not think it had planned orgas).

Je me “ballad” somehow and I found some familiar faces like James, Alesk, Lily, Funnuraba, BadDog,… Then towards the end conference where Nolife, I don & rsquo; have not learned much (I m & rsquo; expecting it) but the conference was very nice (Medoc with which not know what to say actually ^^). Once the conference and a little blah, we start with some eat at a pizzeria next to. Then c & rsquo; is & rsquo; wandering in the corridors of TGS and various discussions with various people. Arrived 17h, we decide to go see Marcus conference (it was argued d & rsquo; one hour), but since the world was waiting in front of & rsquo; entry, ben, we backtracked to.

Then came the time to do some shopping ^^ (Yes, must spend a little ^^). Suddenly, I caught myself 2 t-shirts Marcus, Professor Layton – le film Collector, Summer Wars Collector, 5cm per second/Voice of a distant star et l’album Temptation Box de Scandal (and I & rsquo; got a gift, DVD 1 to 4 of Zatchbell – Kaze was destocking).

Then at 18h, towards the main stage to d & rsquo; go to the “At Marcus”. Et is, ben… we can say that c & rsquo; was epic and physics as Chez Marcus ^^ but I n & rsquo; not say more. It will be broadcast (normally) in 2 weeks.

19h, je sort du TGS, I will put my purchases in the car and driving me to the point of appointment to go Nolife dinner organized by the Forum members (finally… especially megami, funnuraba and solarus). 20h, towards the restaurant where everyone falls into place. For my part, je me met a coté de James, Alesk et Lily (I l & rsquo; love, this girl ^^). A few moments later, the guest arrive : Seb and Médoc. Seb s & rsquo; installs next to James while Médoc s & rsquo; & rsquo moved on; another table, the side of funnuraba and megami.

The evening runs smoothly (even though we had some rights outages, a somewhat slow service and quite disgusting wine), Seb discovers the course d & rsquo; rugby way Southwest (had few fans in the restaurant ^^), learns that bag also said pocket in the south (^^),… During the Médoc Seb and meals made some rounds just to see everybody and know who is who.

Once the meal was over, we decided to do an after and find a bar with room Toulouse (fifteen person). Finally, after a long search, there is a bar with room. However, the bar chosen n & rsquo; was not too Medoc style ^^ (but I don & rsquo; not more words). Anyway, discussed this at, delirium, etc… A env. 2h du mat. I decided to go home (and bring megami and brother in passing). Then, after a “small” passage on the net, I go to bed at 4am (with a sore strong enough feet and more)

The next day, I get up around 13h (history retrieve) and I return to the TGS to 14h. Already, There & rsquo; a little less crowded than yesterday, and that, c & rsquo; is ^^ I decide d & rsquo; go, again, a shopping trip and eventually I got caught School Rumble Season 1 (the 2 Box), une figurine Shining Tears et une figurine K-On!. Then towards the scene where the competition was being held cosplay group. And photo strafing (+850) to d & rsquo; to have the most accurate possible (j & rsquo; was at the bottom, the 18x optical zoom thank you ^^). Result : env. 130 Photo correct.

After watching half of cosplay, I share wandering and I found some guys Forum (au stand K-Angels/Idols… as from random ^^) and after a bit of a turn and blah Okini booth to buy some stuff jap (j & rsquo; bought a bottle Ramune and I & rsquo; have struggled for & rsquo; open – j & rsquo; had not noticed that & rsquo; a small plastic contraption used to unlock the ball was supplied ^^), I finally got home around 16:30, tired and with sore foot. And the evening s & rsquo; m ended in & rsquo; asleep at 19h fatigue ^^

Voili voilou for summary.

Here is a video of some stuff that I & rsquo; have filmed with my camera. /!\ At the next may spoiler Marcus /!\

And here photos (And if you want to download photos, c & rsquo; is par is).