Naachan et le public

This weekend took place, in Paris, the first “true” concert d’Asô Natsuko (ou Naachan) the Leather Goods. Being somewhat “wota” (I do not make the weight compared to some ^^) and many magnet songs, I decided to go see her in concert.

Here is a quick summary of this weekend in Paris.

Saturday 11

Standing at 9am, 9:55 to the management station for a train departs at 10:22. Arrived at the & rsquo; Toulouse Metro entrance, I notice that I & rsquo; d have forgotten something & rsquo; rather important (we always forget something when we start somewhere) : my credit card and my metro card is left in my other coat. Arg… As j & rsquo; right level was too long and that I & rsquo; had some currency (10€…), j & rsquo; have decided to still take the train and then démerder me with just the checkbook. J & rsquo; 10h15h arrives at the station. Direction le train.

Being a Téoz Eco Train (the ticket was cheap ^^), I find myself in a couchette car (with bunk folded down the middle in order to file). And here I am off to Paris with an estimated 7 am not super comfortable ^^ (4 in the cabin and c & rsquo; closely enough).

17h22, came to the d & rsquo station, Austerlitz. J & rsquo; the phone calls yaf (the person with whom to lodge for the weekend) and & rsquo; wait patiently in the cold (he was in Pop & rsquo room; Up for the dedication of Naachan). Once that & rsquo; m there & rsquo; joined, towards his apartment in Levallois-Perret. Once arrived (and after a short stop to buy some stuff to eat), s it & rsquo; installs and we look at the J-Top and Ami Ami Idol. Then look at the Live Report and following clips, while scanning the forum, before finally going to bed.

Sunday 12

Wake up at 9 am to get ready to go to Opera at 11 / 11.30, for & rsquo; IRL Pre-concert. We arrive at around 11:15 am Opera (with a detour so yaf helps me out a little money) and some forum members are already. D & rsquo; others are also going to Book-Off (being 5 minute walk). They are joined and we start to discuss and then finally returns to Opera, while 2/3 people will look for a Japanese restaurant large enough to accommodate about 25/30 people. In the squares of & rsquo; Opera, we begin to take some pictures when someone & rsquo; a lance “Naachan serait à Book-Off”. Suddenly, everyone goes to Book-Off again but c & rsquo; is a false alarm ^^ We still decided to stay because, exceptionally, Book-Off opening this Sunday at Noon. The managers of stores “hallucinated” seeing twenty people in the process of & rsquo; & rsquo wait for; opening ^^

Once opened, everyone goes to the CD and PB d & rsquo; idols and (quasi) everyone makes shopping for myself ^^, the store accepting checks (n & rsquo; Remember I n & rsquo; not have a credit card with me), I suddenly caught 3 PB : 2 Rika Ishikawa on / Charmy and one on the Winter Tour 2009 de Good!. Once the purchases made, we head towards the restaurant (The Sapporo 3, if I'm not mistaken). The meal is going well, with a good atmosphere, of viewing PB, anecdotes, …

Towards 14h, we leave the restaurant to head for the leather goods in the 20th district. Ensuite, ben.. c & rsquo; is & rsquo; waiting for the concert. We took the opportunity to revise the lyrics, (re)voir la chorégraphie de More-more LOVERS!!, distribute glowsticks (merci WEdnesdaY ^^),etc… In the meantime, the producers took some photos / videos. And arrived 17h, c & rsquo; is & rsquo; opening doors for tickets entitling them to a file-cutting. So we enter the Leather Goods (j & rsquo; had one of those tickets). Until the goodies are given (un T-shirt, a badge and a photo), Suzuka is a small book signing (She was there to do the translations of the concert MC – and also animate ^^). Ensuite, c & rsquo; is distributing goodies and most get in condition by putting the t-shirt from the concert. The descent in the room. A not very large room (300 persons approx. I would say) and therefore ideal for a concert where the audience is close to the & rsquo; artist.

We also want to buy some goods for sale (for me it will be just the single More-more LOVERS!! J & rsquo; would have liked a towel, but it & rsquo; were really little – 6 grand max). We begin to pile up business under the stage (it n & rsquo; there was no cloakroom) and most starts to crack glowsticks. During the & rsquo; waiting for the concert, the hall filled slowly to finish with approx 250 people (saw d & rsquo; eye), and that… it's nice ^^. Rest of glowsticks are data to & rsquo; have more people with glowsticks. And, at 18h, c & rsquo; is the concert.

Le concert

What to say… Awesome… Magic… Naachan au TOP… Basically : J & rsquo; have KIFFE !!! (like say the djeunz)

Upon his entrance on stage, Naachan was surprised to see so many oranges sticks in the public (c & rsquo; is her favorite color, it seems to me). That gave him an idea of ​​& rsquo; & rsquo atmosphere that; it would put. Et on l’a mise. Much of the public s & rsquo; is set to make wotagei (but each to his level). The pinnacle being Perfect-area Complete, where more “trained” are going up & rsquo; to do “Tiger, Cyber, Fiber, …”. And all this with a fairly good synchronization (c & rsquo; was not the mess ^^ everyone followed the pace). One of the moments that would be as well to look, c’est pour Teardrop of Rain, where we had a Sea with glowsticks, j’imagine, a nice wave effect.

MC led by Suzuka were also very funny and we felt a kind of complicity between Suzuka and Naachan. Suzuka also sometimes get entangled brushes : She was talking to the audience in Japanese and French Naachan ^^ was also treated to a little anecdote but shhh… She stays “Private” ^^

finally, one of the other right time, c & rsquo; is for recall. Avant de chanter More-more LOVERS!!, Naachan has given a short course of chorea to show the movements to make when the chorus. Moreover, 3 people are drawn randomly assembled on stage for the & rsquo; learn “private” and got a handshake ^^. But what especially surprised Naachan, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; much of the public already knew chorea ^^

Bon, of course, there were few black dots. For example, drawings drawn live by Kness did not saw almost, Blame it on a projector not very powerful and strong lights scene. The sound, also, n & rsquo; was not great equalizer. A small also missed the “again” or people we started to launch the so that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; was not yet out of the scene. But OK, Suzuka caught up in the coup and us, more, given the pace story that everyone is sync and it will not leave in a brouhaha as general (for reminder).

Here is the set list of the concert : [spoiler]

  • Movement of magic
  • <MC>
  • Music for science&magic
  • Perfect-area Complete!
  • <MC>
  • Teardrop of Rain
  • <MC>
  • Twinkle night star
  • Brand new world (Real world experience Remix)
  • <MC>
  • Renai Koujou committee (first time that & rsquo; she sang !!!!)
  • Programming for non-fiction
  • Shinkyoku ha uchuu kafe nite
  • <MC>
  • Everyday Sunshine Line
  • <MC>
  • Dear my fortune
  • <Again>
  • <MC>
  • More-more LOVERS!![/spoiler]

In any case, it was a very good concert, and c & rsquo; be happy, if Naachan back again in France, j & rsquo; go to see ^^

L & rsquo; after concert

Once the concert ended (around 19:30 / 20h), much of the room starts to file d & rsquo; have a signing Naachan. One of the officials come to see us, being in the last part of the line and tells us that & rsquo; it could be that the & rsquo; there is no dedication. It broke a little to the morale of some who had prepared a French flag, to give to Naachan, filled with signatures and thanks. But OK… It's still in the queue without despair. And finally, everyone had a dedication (but not personalized) and Nacchan been entitled to the flag (and that the & rsquo; has apparently moved ^^). Then everyone leaves the Leather Goods and after reflection, some of those (including me) goes to a McDonalds just to fill some the & rsquo; stomach and recover from his emotions (s and & rsquo; see that c & rsquo; is bursting, this kind of concert ^^). Then back to the & rsquo; yaf appart. It scrutinizes a little forum, we look a little Nolife then s & rsquo; asleep fatigue.

Monday (not much of & rsquo; interesting ^^)

Up at 8 am (yaf working), j & rsquo; trying to get me head a little c.. Then to the transilien (that & rsquo; we almost missed little, what made us do a little sprint ^^) and metro. Then yaf m & rsquo; & rsquo comes up; the subway, line 10, before that & rsquo; it separates. So train station & rsquo direction; Austerlitz and got there around 9 am for departure at 10 am. A 9h30, a member of the Forum Nolife Toulouse and joined me (we took the same train and we had, more, near places of next ^^). We finally boarded the train at 10:15 (about 40 minutes late) and you start to Toulouse.

Voili my voilou “small” résumé du Week-end.

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