After receiving my last orders, j & rsquo; have added some music in Grooveshark player. So, we have the menu :

  • VAMPS – BEAST : VAMPS is a J-Rock group of Hyde (L & rsquo; arc ~ en ~ ciel) et de K.A.Z. BEAST is their second album. This album is in the very near of & rsquo style solo album Hyde “FAITH”, namely very rock music (as DEVIL SIDE) adorned with ballads (MY FIRST LAST).
  • THE possibleWatashi no miryoku/LOVE² paradise : This is the last single as of this group derived from Nice Girl Project (Another project Tsunku, in parallel with the H!P). while paradise is a very LOVE² music “H!P” in its sounds, Watashi no miryoku is closer to a classic pop and more worked (and pleasant to listen, compared to LOVE² paradise)
  • Melon Kinenbi – MELON’S NOT DEAD : It s & rsquo; is the latest album from this group of Hello!Project. This album is very focused and rock 6 its shares were carried out in collaboration with d & rsquo; other groups, tel que BEAT CRUSADERS (known for having been the & rsquo; s OST & rsquo; anime BECK).
  • Aso NatsukoMore-More Lovers : This is the latest single to date & rsquo; Natsuko Aso.
  • Uchu Sentai NOIZ – BY EMOTION : Latest album of the visual kei band. More & rsquo; information on this free album this post.