X JAPAN à Paris

L & rsquo; announcement was made a few days ago through the official twitter Yoshiki, then, ensuite, via le site Official group : the “mythical” Group Visual / Rock X Japan will make a concert in Paris the 1 July 2011 Zenith.

This concert takes place in the context of & rsquo; a World tour. For the moment only European and Japanese dates have been given.

The group will perform in 4 Countries in Europe : the United Kingdom, l & rsquo; Germany, the Netherlands and, of course, France.

The sale of tickets started this morning, at 8 o'clock, via le site On your ticket, but also the FNAC network and Ticketnet.

Note that tickets for the concerts in London and Berlin were sold so quickly that the concert was moved to a larger room. So if you want to see the band and you don & rsquo; still have no tickets, you better decide quickly to reserve ^^

Also note that the concert running concurrently Japan Expo 12, c & rsquo; s & is also rsquo; & rsquo opportunity, go for a ride.