First Orbit

To celebrate the 50 years of the first flight of & rsquo; a man in & rsquo; space, director Christopher Riley decide to create a film about this historical real-time flight : First Orbit.

For that, he was helped from & rsquo; European Space Agency as well as the & rsquo; expeditions crew 26 and 27 the International Space Station (and mainly from & rsquo; astronaut Nespoli) to film the land, High Definition, from the & rsquo; ISS. These images were then mounted so as to stick to the & rsquo; original audio recording of the flight and everything was decorated d & rsquo; a soundtrack composed by Philip Sheppard.

But the most interesting in all this, c & rsquo; is that this film, d & rsquo; duration 1:40, is visible and free on Youtube in HD 1080p.

Here the film, ainsi que son making-of (both in English) :

For d & rsquo; information on the film, here is the official website :