Densha Otoko

Little reminder : Beginning 2008, j & rsquo; started to want translate original messages, from 2ch, s & rsquo; Densha Otoko history (l & rsquo; Man on the Train). For that, I based my English translation (with & rsquo; his translator agreement).

And well, here is, after 3 and a half years & rsquo; waiting (or 1318 days exactly), the end of the translation o / o /

I harnessed myself, ces 3 last days, has translated 40% remaining of the last chapter, and through a “boost” involuntary (finally, not really a boost, but say it m & rsquo; has given a boost ^^) by d & rsquo; a certain person.

Anyway, there's still many mistakes and to correct some problems, mais on vas dire que 95% the job is done ^^

I wish you good reading (hoping that history m & rsquo; happen one day…) :