As always receiving new Japanese CD, j & rsquo;'ve added music in Grooveshark player. Here are the details of the received CD :

  • Good! – Natsu Dakara! : 12third single from the group & rsquo; idols (and the second under the label Zetima). The first track, Natsu Dakara, is a ballad and the second track, Ice Mermaid, is a rather rock music with oriental sounds.
  • Good! – departure : first mini-album group. It groups 2 previously released singles (Zassou no uta / JUICY HEART et Natsu Dakara!) and contains a total 8 music.
  • Hyadain – Hyadain no Kakakakata Kataomoi-C : It s & rsquo; is the & rsquo; s opening & rsquo; Nichijou anime. Note that the fact Hyadain 2 voice music and the female voice is represented by Natsuko Aso in the clip.
  • BUMP OF CHICKEN – COSMONAUT : Latest album of the J-Rock band formed in 1994. He is best known for making music of & rsquo; opening game “Tales of the Abyss”, and the credit of the 4th Film Music One Piece. Many of their songs are also present in DrumMania / GuitarFreaks games.

Voili Voilou. You can listen to songs that I & rsquo;'ve added later in the & rsquo; Article. Good listening. (Note : j & rsquo;'ve finally managed to get the flattr button ^^)